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*URGENT* Another case of Bottom of the Ninth not shipping

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*URGENT* Another case of Bottom of the Ninth not shipping

Placed the order a month ago. Called two weeks ago and they said it was shipping out that week. Still haven't receive any shipping or tracking information and I haven't received the game. I've called them multiple times today to no reply. Maybe they will see this and help. Order #38309

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I ordered Bot9 on Tue Nov 17th.

On Fri Dec 4th I received a message from FedEx (because I'd signed up with FedEx for notifications via FedEx SmartPost, i think) that my package was due to be delivered on Thu Dec 10th.

I received Bot9 on Thu Dec 10th.


So, it seems a bit surprising that if they sent your package two weeks ago you didn't get it by the end of the week, but I could envision a scenario where they sent it the very end of the week and it's going to show up today or tomorrow or something. Or maybe they were over optimistic about when they'd be able to send it. Or maybe something else happened, of course.

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