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Updated Spirit Guides

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Updated Spirit Guides

I know there was a comprehensive guide series by Phantaskippy regarding everything up to Keeper. Are there any plans for the remaining Spirits? I personally struggle with Sharp Fangs, as I feel like the higher the level, the less effective he becomes. Early game strategy tends to be negated by additional setup or adversary effects.

While I have been lucky in the past and beaten every adversary at level six, I find that England is a monster once they hit level five. Are there any guides that pertain to beating certain adversaries? I apologize if I missed this, I tried searching for guides, but the ones I found were not formatted for easy reading or flat out all over the place. Thank you in advance.

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Phantaskippy will have to say about continuing the Spirit series, but the only guide against a specific Adversary is this thread about England: 

Feedback/Suggestions For Handling England At Level 6

If you're inspired, please start your own series!

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Sharp Fangs does Suffer form running out of gas quick. And too much blight makes his less effective. I either get out of the gate as strong as I can and hope my partners can cover for me later one, or pray for a good major power card.

I stop playing Sharp fang in harder difficulty because of this, maybe with my group that plays a lot.

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