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Thoughts on Kickstarter Stretch goals

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Thoughts on Kickstarter Stretch goals

I have only recently started playing. My first foray is solo play - so I can teach the others in the group how to play. But I imagine I will be playing a lot solo. The amount of thinking time I need in the spirit stage while playing solo with two or more spirits is mentally taxing but great fun. My issue is the other things happening outside of Spirit Island - like phone calls, "Dad where's my bag", "when's dinner". The interruptions means a loss of my train of thought - so it would be good if I had a set of spirit coloured dice with each phase on them and a marker for the Invader board.  A die would have the fast and slow action with growth, energy, power actions and a done face. This means I could stop the game at anytime and come back and know where I last left stopped. Leaving the Invader Marker on the spirit phase order or on top of the ravage, or fear card would help. At times I have paused a game and missed doing that slow innate action. Maybe the done could be a x2 for competition mode?!

Maybe someone has already suggested soomething like this, to them I put my vote up as well.

So as there will be a new kickstarter what are your ideas for stretch goals? 

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Good topic!

If I could vote for Stretch Goals, it might be for the following (nothing different, just more of that Spirit Island goodness):

$X - 5 extra blight cards

$$X - 10 extra fear cards

$$$X - 10 extra event cards

$$$$X - 10 extra minor powers

$$$$$X - 10 extra major powers

$$$$$$X - 1 extra adversary

$$$$$$$X - 1 extra spirit

$$$$$$$$X - another extra spirit

I am hopeful (bordering on confident) that they will hit any stretch goals they set.

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Heh, don't forget $$$$$$$$$X - digital version from Handelabra Games :V

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To clarify, are you hoping for these to be part of the expansion or standalone promos?

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A digital version would make me so happy.  It would also make my wife happy, since Spirit Island is a permanent fixture on my table right now.

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Extra Blight cards for the core game would be awesome. The variety in Blight types of the expansion is, honestly, one of the best improvements, but it relies on the Event cards. The expansion's terrific, but when we carry the game off to the local brewery we tend to pack up the smaller box that takes up less table space!