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The World Stands Still

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The World Stands Still

Does the static "Move value +1" from "The World Stands Still" apply  to Tachyon's current movement value, whatever it is, or is it simply added to her movement value whenever she rolls movement?  In other words, if I rolled 6 for movement, then got hit with adhesive foam pellets, would my movement value be reduced from 7 to 1 or from 6+1(=7) to 1+1(=2)?

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It is a constant static effect, so while Tachyon's move value can be reduced to 1, The World Stands Still would increase it to 2.

It is irrelevant to the actual dice roll, and can turn a 6 movement into a 7 movement while in play.

Also if it leaves play its effect immediately ends, so it doesn't affect the roll, but just adds 1 to her current movement while it is in play.