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The Infinite Loops - Sentinels of the Multiverse

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The Infinite Loops - Sentinels of the Multiverse

Hey everyone. Welcome to the Infinite Time Loops, a series of stories were everything is stuck in a time loop and sanity is now at a premium! Lets get the into out of the way first. With some important links

The Infinite Loops Misc. Thread (Spacebattles)

The Spreadsheet

And the general rules for Looping.

  • One person in a Loop, often the main character, is an Anchor. They are the person who first starts time looping.

  • There is always at least one Anchor present in a given Time Loop snippet, though it may not be the local one.

  • The standard pattern for a loop is that the Anchor (and whoever else is Looping there) come to awareness in a loop at a particular point in the story. From there, events will play out as influenced by the Loopers present, acting with the benefit of their foreknowledge, until either a predetermined end point is reached or all the Loopers have copped it.

  • To be Awake is to be aware of the time loops (that is, to have gone back in time this time.)

  • The Anchor is the only character guaranteed to be Awake. Even after others have started looping, it is mostly random as to whether they will be Awake this particular loop.

  • Crossovers, fusions, and alternate pasts can also take place. It is perfectly possible, for example, to have the characters Awaken into a loop which conforms to a fanfic universe rather than reality.

  • Loops do not have to be in chronological order, but it is strongly preferred that they not require a mutually contradictory order (where A must be before B and B must be before A.)

  • Just about every Looper is very, very stir crazy.

Loops written my me will not be named. Loops written by others will be named accordingly.

If you wish to contribute please swing by the Spacebattles misc. thread.


The Infinite Loops

Sentinels of the Multiverse

(Sentinels of the Multiverse is copyright of Greater Than Games)



The city of Megaopolis.

The shining jewel of a city had everything: Monorails that zipped back and forth, citizens that cared, a thriving economy, affordable housing...Indeed Megaopolis was a nice place to live.

Megaopolis did have one thing many cities did not.


The Freedom Tower, a Massive skyscraper in the shape of an F towered over the majestic skyscrapers of Megaopolis, standing vigilant as if it was a guard on duty. Inside the tower, however, was a much less majestic sight.

A meeting.

The meeting room (which was today the relaxation room the Freedom Five had built after Unity begged and pleaded for one) was not built to hold over two dozen superheroes. But hold them they did. Heroes of every shape and size (equipment included) crammed into the room. Couches were sat in on their cushions, the smaller heroes using the arms while many others just stood.

All the while a blur ran from side to side, coming and going getting everyone something to eat and drink.

Good manners were a must when you had guests over, and it was only polite to offer someone something to eat, especially if they traveled a long distance as some did.

At the head of the room was a fiftyish year old man garbed in white tights. A lantern sigil was on his chest as his cape blowed in the still wind (somehow)

"Alright everyone, let's get started." the Man spoke with a powerful voice. As soon as he started to speak, all conversation ended, and all eyes were drawn to him. "I would like to thank you all for coming on such short notice, but what we have to address affect every one of us. That being said, before I do address that, we need to do a head count. Parse, if you may?"

The African American woman nodded, getting up from her seat near the now empty refrigerator. She approached the man as she addressed him. "Thank you Legacy." She adjusted her glasses as she read from a printed sheet of paper. "Right. Legacy, are you here?"

Legacy simply waved amid light laughter.. "Right. Tachyon, are you here?"

The blur blurred past everyone before taking her place beside Legacy. "Right here." she spoke. The blur was a tall woman wearing a white skintight suit, her blond hair in a ponytail.

"Absolute Zero, are you here?"

"Of course I'm here." A figure in black armor with b glowing blue highlights scoffed, his voice a metal echo. "I live in the icebox right over there."

"Yea, right next to soda pop, am I right?"

Absolute Zero turned around facing the speaker, a man in black and yellow spandex with a mask over his eyes. A simple image of a dice was on his chest. "Up yours Setback!" Absolute Zero shouted.

"Moving on." Parse remarked. "Wraith, are you here?"


After scanning the room for a second, Parse looked up at the rafters. True enough, a young woman in stealthy garb was in the rafters looking down at her allies. "Bunker, are you here?"

A man in a white tank top and khaki pants, sitting next to Absolute Zero raised his hand in compliance. "Right here."

"Tempest, are you here?"

"I am." the speaker was not of this world: Blue skin and otherworldly black eyes wearing blue spandex that had no sleeves. "Please, refer to me as M'kk."

"I will remember tha." parse replied. "Haka, are you here."

A war cry was her answer. "I believe that is a yes. How loud of you."

"Sorry." The heavily muscled Immortal warrior shuged. "The class I was subbing for was quite active today. It rubbed off on me."

"Aren't kindergartners always active?" SEatback mused out loud.

"Ake koutou, Setback"

"Fanatic? Are you here?" Parse continued.

"I am." The speaker was a young woman, who had angelic white wings to complement her white and red war armor. He grasped the sword Absolution.

"Argent Adept, are you here?"

The Argent adept, white clothes under a black cape imply played a flute to answer.

"Chrono-Ranger, are you here?"

"No need to be prim and proper young lady." A western twang spoke. He was dressed as a 19th century lawman of the wild west with a poncho over her clothes and a brown hat over his eyes. The time displaced lawman rested his legs on a chair as he sat on another chair.

"Chrono has a point. It's making my trigger finger itch." A purple haired woman with a fair amount of muscle sat in the far corner of the room. A wise decision, as she had just under half a dozen guns next to her.

"Those had better not be loaded Expatriot."

"Don't worry, they're safeties are on." She grinned. "Besides, I only shoot supers that work for Dawn."

"" Parse crossed her name off the list before continuing. "Mr. Fixer?"

"Here." a hushed voice from an eighty year old Chinese man replied. He was dressed in a oil stained orange gi and blue jeans. He lit a cigarette after he answered.


"I am here!" The Egyptian themed hero spoke. Fire could almost be seen as he stood heroically.

"Indeed. Unity?"

"Right here!" A young woman of Israeli descent sat next to her fellow heroes, with a robotic raptor keeping her company. "And so is Mr. Chomps!'


There was no response. Parse looked around the room, unable to find him even with her analytical powers. "Scholar?"

"He's outside taking a nap." Mr Fixe then pointed to the outside balcony. True to his word, there was a man in his Fifties, a dirty blue bathrobe over a simple shirt and shorts resting on a lounge chair with sunglasses on and a beer in his hand.

"It's not napping man." He replied. "It's planning, contemplating, unearthing the mysteries of forever."

"Sounds like a nap to me." Setback replied.

"Up yours Setback." Setback grumbled as the other heroes laughed lightly as the Hero's luck turned from better to worse, as per the norm.

"Moving on..." Parse too another look at her list. "Omnitron, version number 10?"

"Uh, why don't we skip Omni for now." Legacy interrupted. "Omni told me his chassis needed oil or something like that. Squeaky parts from the future."

Parse though she heard a distant indignant cough from somewhere behind the closed doors, but shelved that though for the moment. "Right. The Sentinels...Doctor Medico?"

"Here." A human made of glowing yellow energy was near the back wall standing next to a strong burly man in a biker vest with more muscles than Haka. "You didn't forget me did ya?"

" The Idealist?"

"Over here!" A young girl in blue heroic garb sat next to Unity. She was playing with Mr. Chomps at the moment, rubbing the robotic dino's belly.

"And Writhe?"

"In your shadow." The voice of Wraith called form above. Grumbling, a man that looked like a living shadow slithered out of Parse's shadow. He bore a fedora and trenchcoat that was equally made of shadow.


An african man in green nodded before turning into a gazelle.

"Showoff." grumbled Setback.


"Uh, she called in as well."Legacy replied. He was sweating a single drop of sweat. Parse looked at the hero the same way she did everything: Intently.

"Okay...Captain Cosmic?"

"He's running a few minutes late. Some trouble on some distant planet." An alien being, red skinned and spikes on her shoulders replied.

"" Pare then sighed, dreading what she had to say next. "Guise..."

A purple clad Deadpool like figure stood up in a hurry, preparing to speak before Parse interrupted him. "NightMist? Are you here."

"Up yours Setback!" The figure called guise spoke before sitting down. Setback groaned as he grasped his head.

"Oh come on, I didn't do anything that time!"

"It's just Guise being Guise." NightMist replied. Her hair and eyes glowed white, and she was garbed in a black overcoat. The part of her arm that was obscured by shadow was for some reason mist, unlike the rest of her body.

"Young Legacy?"

"Over here!" The teen hovered next to Idealist and Unity, her costume identical to Legacy (as she was his daughter).

"And Visionary?"

"Right here." A young woman spoke. She was geared in a green spandex suit and cape. The most startling part of her appearance was her hair. Or lack of it in her case.

"I believe that is everyone." Parse then handed the list to Legacy before sitting down. "Except for Captain Cosmic, Omnitron, and K.N.Y.F.E."

"I'm not sure about Captain Cosmic, but Omnitron and K.N.Y.F.E have been here since we started this meeting." Legacy spoke. The heroes assembled started to speak as one before Legacy calmed them by raising his hand.

"If they were already here, why not just tell us?" The Naturalist, who shifted back to Human form was the first to ask.

"You'll see in a minute." Legacy turned to a nearby door, a knowing look in his eyes. "You two can come in now."

The door opened, the two figures on the other side entering the room. Some of the heroes present were shocked to say the least.

The figure they thought was K.N.Y.F.E was really a young man dressed up as her, carrying a really stupid looking red sword with a circle near the hilt. It was if a Japanese guy designed it to look pretty rather than to fight.

The other figure was apparently supposed to be Omnitron-X. However it looked more like a human girl dressed up as Omnotron-X, with parts of her flesh exposed while most of her body was covered in metal.

"You two are late. That's strange for a robot." Doctor Medico replied. He was ignorant of the looks of several other heroes having very strange looks at glowing doctor.

"Uh....Omnitron isn't a girl. Or any gender at that." Bunker replied.

"Yea, and since when is K.N.Y.F.E. a guy?" Unity repled.

"I think we had better take over for now." The not K.N.Y.F.E replied. Legacy nodded as the other heroes turned to face him. "Right. My name is Shulk, and this is Fiora. We're not from around here."




"Wait, so all of time is all messed up?" Chrono Ranger was the first to speak. Shulk and Fiora nodded their heads as the ranger tipped his hat. "That does explain things a bit. I thought things were repeating due to me jumping back and forth to the future too much."

"And you're not really a robot?" Visionary eyed Fiora intently, as the girl replied in turn. "Well, according to my Loop Memories, I came from the future after experimenting with joining metal to a human clone I created."

"Honestly not the weirdest reason why Fiora wound up made of metal." Shulk sighed.

"It does explain a lot." the voice of Wraith replied.

"So does it still count as hot robot sex?" All eyes turned to Guise, who shrugged. "What? What?? Everyone is thinking it."

"It's just you." Visionary shuttered, unpleasant sights before her mind's eye. "Trust me, I know. I am a psychic after all.

Idealist then screamed. "Dad! Uncle Mainstay! Guise is thinking naughty things! It burns!"

What followed next was a very angry Mainstay dragging a very loud Guise into a back room. The sounds of a Guise in agony was faintly heard through the rather thick walls.

"I think the next step is to figure who our Anchor is." Legacy decreed, ignoring Guise's pain. "Who else has experienced these Time Loops? Raise your hand."

"Why?" several present asked.

"Well the Anchor is the one who is always awake." Shulk began.

"So the person with the most of these Loops is the one who is the Anchor?" Tachyon finished.

"That's right."

Tachyon rose her hand, followed by Legacy, Bunker, Absolute Zero, Chrono-ranger, Tachyon, Wraith, Tempest, Argent Adept, Unity, Setback, and Young Legacy.

"That's a fair number." commented Fiora.

"I know I've experienced a Loop or three." Legacy replied.

"Seven " was Tachyon's answer.

"Four." Bunker spoke.

"Four as well. A lot of the time I start just a few minutes before that explode at Pike Industrial." Absolute Zero replied.

"Wait...if that's so, why not just leave so you don't wind up in the suit?" Pondered NightMist. Zero shrugged. "I like the suit."

"Fair enough."

"I have experienced twelve of these Loops." tempest answered next. "Often times they begin after I land on Earth."

"That's my count as well." Wraith replied.

"Just five for me." was Argent Adept's answer. All eyes turned to Setback, who was next.

"Fifty two."

All items in all the hands dropped what they were holding as Setback shrugged. "...was it something I said?"

"Wait, Setback is the Anchor?" Expatriot had a hard time holding back her shock.

"I guess so." replied the visiting loopers.

"You mean to say..." Wraith spoke slowly. "...Setback and his mental state...the world's luckiest person alive might I responsible for making sure our existence is sustained."

"Yes." was Shulk's answer.

"I had no idea anyone on this planet could scream that loudly." Sky-Scraper spoke, removing her hands from her ears. Others did the same.

"For for that long. One minute, thirteen point forty three seconds." Parse noted.

"Right. I think Wraith is taking a long break in the immediate future." Many nodded in regards to Legacy's comment.

1.2 (EvilHumour)

There was a mighty bang outside Hephaestus's office and a scared Apollo dived under his desk.

"What the?"

"WHERE IS HE?!" A Chinese Archer came into his office with bow and arrow knocked, looking enraged. "That damn fool boasted about me missing the mark one too many times so I decided to hit my final sun at long last!" Yi stormed over, glaring at the volcano god. "So where is Apollo?!"

Hephaestus blinked and pointed outside of his office.

"Thank you Hephaestus." He bowed his head and ran out of his office, yelling for Apollo to face him like a man.

(edited by Kingofsouls)

“Okay Yi, as punishment you have a new Loop to look after.” Zeus pointed to a monitor, showing a yellow clad superhero running for his life from a giant rat man.

Yi looked at the terrified Sun God and then at Zeus.

"I did my job at long last." He nodded his head. "I'm ok with this."


"Hey Young Legacy?"

"Yes Setback?"

"is it just me, or is that a Chinese guy charging straight at Citizen Dawn and the Citizens of the Sun?"

Young Legacy narrowed her eyes. "Yea, you're right."

"he's doomed." Setback replied.


A decent amount of time later


Young Legacy and Setback were thankful they had not gone as fast as they could to the Chinese guy's aid.

If they did, they wouldn't have had the best seats in the house to watch the horribly one sided fight.

" brutal." Young Legacy slowly replied.

"Yea. I have never seen anyone make a Citizen pile that fast before."

"Hey better her than me."

The two heroes turned to face a strange entity before them. "Uh, hi." Setback said to the person before them.

"Hi to you as well. i'm Apollo."

"The Sun God?" Young Legacy was in awe. While she was a hero with super power, which was not normal, and was time looping as well, which was also not normal, but for her to meet a God was something even she did not expect.

Ra and the Ennead did not count.

"Well, a Sun God." Apolo pointed out. "That guy over there? That is Yi."

"No, that's not me. I'm over here." young Legacy facepalmed as Setback looked at her. "What?"

"No, not ye, Yi. That's his name." Apolo sighed. "Yi is your admin, and well....he doesn't like to be reminded how back in the day he failed to shoot down ten suns because the his arrow got stolen before he could shoot down the tenth one."

Setback snapped his fingers, a knowing look on his face. "Oh, now her speech she used this loop makes sense. I thought she ment ye all that time instead of saying some guys name."

"You think we should tell him to save some of Dawn for Expatriette?" Young Legacy mused. Setback just shrugged. Honestly he could go either way on that call.


A Sentinels Christmas

Snow fell gently from the sky as Argent Adept silently cleaned his bar. To his surprise, Haka, Setback, Tempest, and Wrath charged in, tired expressions glaring longingly at alcohol they desperately wanted.

"Bad Loop?" their bartender Argent Adept asked.

"Yea. This one." Tempest replied. Four drinks slid in front of the heroes: a simple beer for Haka and Setback, a fancy cocktail for Wraith, and a Dok'Thorathian Gut Buster for Tempest (the only good thing to come from Dok'Thoroth, save fellow hero Sky-Scraper). "It was just so....surreal."

"Considering how I am Anchor, and I have seen a lot more than you guys...what happened to me was just as weird." Setback downed his drink, his expression silently asking 'Please sir may I have another?'.

“So it's not just me?” Haka moaned. Wraith replied “Guess not.”

“Who wants to go first.”

“Wraith does. Ladies first and all that.”

“Thank you Setback you are such a gentleman.”

"So, what happened?" Argent asked. The Wraith sighed, sipping her drink. "Well, it started as a normal day...and it got stupid."


Maia Montgomery, owner of one of the most powerful companies in Rook City, simply decided to take the day off from heroics. It was a nice, snowy December day. It was kind of hard to disagree with her.The doorbell rang, Maia walking to answer the door and answering "Hello?"

She suddenly felt a shiver of fear as she noticed who it was: a man wearing a red mask with a sleeveless blue hoodie and several syringes of drugs in his hand.

For some strange reason, he was wearing a Santa Hat, and before Mia could say or do anything, he burst into song.

"Deck the halls with lot of Drugs!


Kill the victims just because!


Drown the streets with blood rivers!


Morph into a dark pain-giver!



"So let me get this straight..." Argent put his hand on his head, trying to think this through logically. "Spite, a mass murdering psychopathic serial killer who consumes drugs like candy....came to your house, and sung a Christmas Carol?"

"You're right Maia, that does sound stupid when someone says that out loud." Setback noted.

"That does explain what happened to me this morning." The Argent Adept then poured himself a glass of gin as he recounted what happened to him.


Argent Adept could do nothing but gape and stare at the horror of beholding.

Ahash'Bhuta, the immortal eternal embodiment of chaos in nature, was in front of his bar singing "Joy to the World"

Yes, singing.

To add more confusion she was covered in garland.

The sight was just so...surreal. Argent quickly closed the door and went to raid his supplies for the alcoholic equivalent of smashing your head against the wall and hoping what you saw was just a hallucination.


Silence reigned as the Loopers tried to process that image.

"Anyone else feel like their brain is on fire when they try to picture that in their heads?" Setback mused. Four yeses resounded as Haka tried to bury his head into his massive hand. "Your turn Setback."

"Me? Why me? Yours is better!"




A trio of knocks roused Setback from his slumber, his girlfriend Expatriette sleeping peacefully next to him. More knocks followed as Setback grumbled, walking to the door an opening it.

What greeted him was the sight of his arch enemy.

Wearing a Santa hat. And singing.

"Santa baby, just slip a Sable under the tree for me;

Been an awful good girl, Santa baby,

So hurry down the chimney tonight!"

"Go away Kismet."

"Santa baby, a '54 convertible too, light blue;

I'll wait up for you, dear; Santa baby,

So hurry down the chimney tonight."

"I mean it Kismet. I just woke up."

"Think of all the fun I've missed;

Think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed;

Next year I could be just as good... if you check off my Christmas list."

"How did you even find out where I lived?"


"The bad part is that she woke up Expatriette and I had to explain that no I was not in a secret relationship with my arch enemy." Setback moaned.

"I would have preferred that to what Ambuscade did to me." Haka sighed.


The park was a place of relaxation for the immortal Maori warrior to simply relax and unwind from subbing for kindergartners and crazy super villains. The park also tended to be a place where his nemesis Ambuscade liked to Ambush him. Case in point, bullets flying from all places from the most likely invisible hunter.

A audible screech alerted Haka to the fact that Ambuscade had set up a sound system something that was for sure.

Then the music started.

"I don't want a lot for Christmas

There is just one thing I need

I don't care about the presents

Underneath the Christmas tree.

I just want you for my own

More than you could ever know

Make my wish come true

All I want for Christmas

Is you, you yeah."


"Clever choice of song though I must admit." Haka swirled his drink around as he said that, a sour frown on his face. All heads then turned to Tempest, who adamantly shook his head. "No."

"Come on Tempest, we went. Time for you to go." Setback shook the alien gently, the alien still frowning. "I do not want to."

Setback then gave him puppy dog eyes, batting his eyelashes in a rather...awkward way. Tempest sighed as he spoke. "Fine...I got a message from Voss."


"...he sang 'I want a hippopotamus for Christmas."

No one spoke for a solid minute.

"Silence was my response as well."


Argent Adept hummed to himself a tune Chinese in origin, cleaning the glass as he gazed at his establishment

It was a simple bar, one that wasn't too large but was capable of holding a fairly decent number of people. The tables were reinforced with as much metal and magic as Argent could muster. In all his years of bartending, one lesson he learned was that you could never reinforce your bar enough. Fights were somewhat common.

This was doubly true for Argent as his bar (he had yet to give it a name but Argent's Place was the current title) had two very specific clientele.


And Loopers.

So far the only other person in the bar was Haka, the immortal Maori warrior recently Awakening. "Honestly Argent, I thought I had seen everything, considering what happens in our Loop."

"I thought the same when I first left our little branch of home." Argent replied. "What happened last loop?"

"I was with a rather....exuberant man name Ryen and their Loop Anchor Shulk." Haka explained. "And we were exploring the corpse of a long dead titan."

"Oh, I met Shulk. He was the one who explained the Loops to us." The red head bartender served a tall glass of beer to Haka, who eagerly accepted. "What happened?"

"I tried to save Fiora. Instead of stabbed by Metal Face. Then got turned into a Mechon hybrid." Haka took a drink, sighing as he stared at the table he sat at. "The only complaint I have about being immortality is that while I can't die, it still hurts. A lot."

Argent winced at that. He had died once before. It was not pleasant.

"Wish I could have kept the armor though. Too large for my pocket." Haka lamented.

The door opened with a crash, heralding a new arrival. Argent and Haka turned round and saw a blue garbed woman in her teens of Inuit origin, a dour look on her face that just seemed to express nothing but tiredness. "Please tell me you're a Looper."

"We are." Argent approached the woman, extending a hand, which she took. "Argent Adept."

"Avatar Korra." The woman replied. She then sat next to Haka "you?"

"Aata Wakarewarewa," The Maori warrior replied, extending a massive hand. "But everyone calls me Haka."

A drink slid in front of Korra, the Argent Adept sitting down. "I take it you need something to talk about."

Korra moaned. "I take it you two haven't been to Republic City yet?" Both heroes shook their heads no, the Avatar continuing. "My loop is a mix of Martial Arts with elemental control and the Hub Loop 1920's."

"Good times." Haka dreamily sighed. “Going to those speakeasies was quite fun actually.” This got a confused look for Korra, to which Haka replied. "I'm immortal, remember?"

"Anyway..." Korra continued. "Right now in my Baseline a power mad tyrant took over the Earth Kingdom, turned it into an Empire, usual tyrant stuff. So, my friends and I are ready to stop Kuvira's super weapon when we see a giant robot. This was gigantic. I was so surprised by it that I didn't move out of the way in time." Korra buried her head into her hands as the two realized what she ment.

"You died."

"That's not the worst part..." Korra continued, her voice muffled due to her head being buried in her arms. "We got to that part again and guess what? The same robot was there."

"It's baseline?" Argent was a little surprised at that.

"I know right?" Korra was on the verge of screaming hysterically, her arms flung in the air and her head uncovered by her arms. "Our baseline already has robot suits and trains, but this? This is practically a Megazord or something! It's so....out there! Why didn't Jinora tell me about this!?"

The Avatar then slammed her head into the table. "And that's not the worst part! Every time I get Batarr Jr. to talk, she fires a laser beam at us, no matter where we are! It's just...cruel! Batarr cares about Kuvira more than anything, but to have his fiancee try to kill him? That...I don't know what to think about that."

Gazing at the Avatar, Argent simply went to the bar, and form underneath it he produced a silver flute. Pressing it to his lips, the Virtuoso of the Void played a soothing tune, the soft sound rising into the air.

Minutes passed, and the soft sound of the music slowly ended the Avatars tears. "What was that?"

"Just a simple song I learned. "Argent Adept answered. "As a Virtuoso of the Void, music is my weapon, my powers you could say. With it, I can do many things. You could say it's my answer to everything. Don't give up hope so soon Korra. I am sure you will be able to find an answer that is suitable for all."

"Thanks." Korra gave a small smile, thankful for Argent's song.

The door slammed open again, and the three turned to face the newcomer.

Who was currently covered head to toe in several very clingy squid.

"Setback, what the hell?.."

"Not. A. Word." Setback's replied, the words muffled.

Korra couldn't help but laugh.


The door to The Argent Adept's bar slammed open, revealing a very annoyed and tired looking Setback trudge into the establishment. Lt. Vance (or Bunker as he was known when he was in the suit) simply sat and watched as the unluckiest hero alive lept over the bar, grabbed the nearest (and biggest) bottle of alcohol he could find, and guzzled it like water. "....Argent isn't going to like that." was the only thing Vance could muster.

"Yea I know, but I need it." Setback replied between gulps of alcohol, to which he returned. He finished when a quarter of the bottle was gone. "My last loop....well it didn't end badly, but it didn't end well."

"Considering it's you who's saying that, that can go several ways." Vance took a drink of his, a simple stotch, before asking "So what happened?"

"I would up in a place called Tellius." Setback explained. "You know, that one place with that sword guy who fights for his friends."

"You mean Ike?"

"That's the one. I took a vacation, just went to see the world. Then this crazy war happened, and then more war happened, followed by a another war, and I think there was a civil war in there somewhere." Setback shuttered. "That world as a lot of war."

"War I can handle. Not so sure about you." Setback put a hand to his head as Vance taunted him. "Har-de-har soldier boy. No, I stayed out of it the best I could, though I was kinda involved in the civil war. Worked for the princess of Crimea then. Anyway long story short all these armies just merge into one big group,then we split into smaller groups as we try to get this Chaos God to fight this Order God or something...and then I got to the desert and learned a hard lesson..."

"Go on..."

"Well the Chaos God, back when she and the Order God where one God...they kidna flooded the world...and I...maybe said something I probably shouldn't have. Well not said...more like...sang."

Vance balked. "You didn't."

"I did...." Setback moaned. "....This is the story of a girl....who cried a river and drowned the whole world....I didn't mean it like that! She gave me a cold shoulder so cold it literally froze me solid. I even missed out on the big battle at the top of the tower...I was sad."

1.1 The obligatory explain who everyone is to new people chapter for the nice people who have no idea what SotM is.

1.2 Admin shenanigans! Poor Yi...

1.3 Poor Yi? Poor Dawn is more like it.

1.4 Sometimes it gets....wierd

1.5 Do not taunt Yune. Or anything that can be described as a diety. Bad things will happen.

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2.1 (kingofsouls, GammaTron)

Setback stood on the rooftops of Megaopolis, Wraith at his side. The sun was setting and thankfully crime was slow that day.

"Hey, Maia, i mean Wraith, look at those two." The unlucky hero pointed towards two armor clad figured drawing a lot of attention to themselves. "Think they're from out of town?"

"Only one way to find out." Wraith replied. She lept from the building, Setback following her.


"Oh, this is new!" the only blond of the two beamed, "Me and Lopez together for a Loop!"

"Oh dios. Este es el castigo para engañar a Ranma en conseguir Equipo Asesinado por Caboose, ¿no es así (Oh god. This is punishment for tricking Ranma into getting Team Killed by Caboose, isn't it?)?" the tanned and bronze-haired other asked, looking at the sky...until Setback landed on him, "Madre de Dios!"

"Lopez? Lopez, where did you go?" the blond asked as he looked around before noticing Lopez under Setback, "Oh! Lopez...You had a baby boy and he grew up!"

Setback took a look at whom he landed on. "....Sorry."

"You'll have to excuse him, Setback tends to have a very strong sense of Luck, both good and bad." The figure of Wraith replied as she descended from the rooftops. "Are you Loopers?"

"We don't have any," the blond admitted before the tan one tapped his neck twice on the left side.

"Yes. We're Looping. I am Lopez the Heavy," Lopez informed before pointing at the blond, "That is my Loop's Anchor; Michael J. Caboose."

"Hello," Caboose greeted.

"I'm Setback, the Anchor, and this is Wraith, whom is totally not Batman." Setback reached out to shake the visitors hands. However, Wraith balked after the duo introduced each other.

"Wait...Michael J. Caboose? "

"You okay Wraith?"

"I...just think we should talk somewhere a little more private."

Several civilians were staring, so Setback had to agree with her. "Follow us. We'll take you to the Freedom Tower. It will be aw..."


The three looked at Wraith with a strange look. " I mean, I'll lead the way.”

"Very well. ...Who is Batman, though?" Lopez asked as the four went off.

"Lopez! You are speaking me!" Caboose exclaimed.

"...I am very, very sorry about him," Lopez apologized for Caboose.


Several minutes later, the four arrived at an abandoned warehouse. At least, to anyone simply looking at a glance. In reality the warehouse was owned by Wraith's company, serving as a back up base in case things went south.

She sighed as she dropped into a chair with a heavy slump, as a confused Setback sat next to her. "mind filling me in?"

"That, dear Setback is the dreaded Michael J. Caboose."

"That guy? Why is he so dreaded.'

"you want to tell him or should I?"

"I will," Lopez sighed, "Caboose is the only known Anchor that must always go into a Read-Only Loop when he has to deal with a Punishment Loop."

"Wh-Why?" Setback asked.

"Because the only time the Admins gave him one that wasn't Read-Only or in Eiken, he killed everyone and then forcefully Crashed the Loop. He tortured four of the five other Loopers there, each of them also an Anchor that was in that Loop for a punishment. The fifth Looper, Twilight Sparkle, had a quick and painless death as his first victim. He just ripped her head off and then crushed it in three seconds flat. The others...he ripped their skulls out and beat them to death with them."

"That doesn't seem physically possible."

"That's what the Looper said, but he still did it," Lopez informed, "He did not care at all for what he was doing, he just wanted everything gone because of one reason: Church wasn't there."

"A church?"

"No. Leonard Church, also known as 'The Alpha' in our Loop, is Caboose's best friend and one of his anchors in keeping himself in check," Lopez informed, "We've been lucky that none of the Loops we've been in so far, aside from this one, has had Caboose without his helmet on with those other four Loopers Caboose tortured." he looked over at Caboose, who was putting on a blue helmet with a gold visor on his head, "Without at least one of those he sees as a friend is with him, he will perform the same act he did in his original Punishment Loop. After a session with Twilight Sparkle, we've discovered that with his baseline mental illnesses and times he was damaged in the brain in baseline, he has Setsuna Syndrome and Sakura Syndrome to top it all off. With all of those conditions mixing together, Twilight Sparkle has created this..." he reached behind his back and held out a pamphlet with the words 'Caboose Syndrome: How to detect it and How to handle it,' "...To help us inform other Loopers of his mental condition. Currently, the only way to 'treat' him is to have at least one of the members of his Loop there. ...Either that or have him stay in an Eiken Loop. For some reason, each time he's in Eiken, he ends up married to Lin Grace of the Eiken Club." he gave Setback the pamphlet, "Please, make copies of these and spread them out to other Loopers to have them ready for Caboose should the Admins forget he's not allowed to have normal Punishment Loops and only Read-Only ones."

A very tense silence filled the air.

Finally Wraith had enough courage to speak. "We are to never let him near any of the Legacies for any reason. Every."

"Agreed." a nervous reply escaped the mouth of a trembling Setback.

"I'm serious. Copy that pamphlet and distribute it to every Looper you come across," Lopez warned, "Also, check page three real quick."

Setback checked it, "'Be advised. The originator of this syndrome, Michael J. Caboose, will Team Kill you if you replace Church in the Loop he's the Anchor of. Only noted exception is Roll Light of the Mega Man Loops, mostly by the fact that Michael J. Caboose has stated '[Roll] is Church, but he is a girl.' Roll Light has stated she has no comment on Caboose's comment, but did pat his head when she learned she was the exception.'"

"Caboose is very possessive of his best friend. Which in understandable since, before he started to Loop, Church would die early on in our Loop by an electromagnetic pulse just to stop a being called 'The Meta,'" Lopez informed.

"Great. Just my luck." Setback moaned. "Why is my superpower enhanced luck?"

"Right. Moving on..." Wraith turned around and pushed button on a nearby desk. Soon, several monitors turned on, each displaying different aspects of data. "Our Loop is mostly one you would find in a comic book."

"Aliens, evil scientists, time traveling cowboys, variant robots, alternate dimensions." Setback listed off. "the basics."

"So, if you want we can get you into a few Superhero groups. The Freedom Five, The Dark Watch, The Prime Wardens..."Wraith stopped to thing on that for a moment. "Actually, maybe not the Freedom Five. We really don't want Caboose killing Young Legacy. That usually ends badly."

"Yea I think I still have the scars from the last Loop Iron Legacy paid us a visit." Setback complained.

"..." Lopez smiled a little deviously, "Got any evil groups then? I'm sure Caboose can do a good job 'helping' them."

The heroes turned and looked at each other. Grins that befitted the villains they fought were on their faces. "We're do we start?" Setback exclaimed. "We have a ton of villains, mostly individual. "

"There is the Vengeful Five."

"And the Ennead!"

"Grand Warlord Voss."



"Oh! how about Ambuscade Wraith?"

"yea, he would be fun to help. Spite could always use a beat down."

"Trust me, Caboose you're going to have a lot of fun 'Helping.'." Setback slung his arm around the Blue soldier, his other hand raised in the air as it it was caressing the air itself.

"Really?" Caboose spoke, excitement in his voice.

"Sure! I'm familiar with the kind of Helping we're talking about. Trust me."

Suddenly alarms sounded, red lights flashing all around.

"Yay! Are we having a party?" Caboose asked as Lopez tapped the right side of his neck twice.

"Bueno. Tiempo para que usted pueda ver por qué me llaman (Okay. Time for you to see why they call me)..." Lopez reached behind his back before pulling out a set of Bronze armor that seemed fitting for a space marine and put it on, his bronze helmet with gold visor going on last, "'López la Pesada (Lopez the Heavy).'"

"Can I have some of that?" Setback asked in admiration, the bronze armor a prize that he sought.

Wraith on the other hand focused on the screens, the images showing a tall woman in white spandex suit with red highlights. Her blond hair was tied in a pony tail.

She looked in distress, and it was easy to tell why: Several thousand blackbirds could be seen in the background, the sounds of their cawing a horrid symphony. "Anyonecomein,Irepeatanyonecomein!ThisisTachyonhurryupandanswertehedamnphone!Comnonebigemergencybackupneeded!Mayday!Mayday!Mayday!Mayday!Mayday!Mayday!Mayday!Mayday!Mayday!Mayday!Mayday!Mayday!Mayday!Bridswarmneedhelp!"

A slap to her face ended her panic, the slapper being a woman with purple hair carrying a machine gun. "Calm Down Tachyon! Leave the panic for the citizens!"

"Thanks Expat." The purple haired woman nodded before turning her attention to a flock of crows screeching as they dove for her. "COME AT ME YOU FEATHERED F**KERS!"

A hail of bullets resounded as the setback ighed. "That's my Expatriot!"

"Tachyon, this is Wrath, I got you on the monitors. First, slow down when you talk. Second, are you Looping?"

"What does that mean?"

"That's a no then. Never mind that, where are you? What's going on?"

"It's the Matriarch. She's laying siege to Rook City."

"Rook City?" Wraith raised an eyebrow to that. "What is she doing there this early?"

"Better question." Setback answered. "What are you doing there?"

"Street fair." Tachyon replied. "They have good food and lots of it."

"One thing I don't understand is how Matriarch got her mask back." Setback asked. "Wasn't she being sent to jail? It sounds dumb for them to just let her have the mask."

"Si eso es cierto, ¿cómo esta matriarca salir de la cárcel? (If that is true, how did this matriarch break out of prison?")

"There was some crazy guy in red armor calling himself Sarge who stopped the..."

"(Never mind. That is all I need to know.)"

"Tachyon, I'm at wherehouse four in Megaopolis. We need pickup for four people of average weight, plus about 120 pounds of armor. Think you can give us a lift?"


The line then went dead as lights in the far end of the wall turned on, revealing several knives and sharp boomerang like throwing objects. She marched to the wall as she spoke to the newcomers. "Hope you're ready for a fight. Matriarch never makes it easy."

· Lopez tapped his neck on the left side twice once more, "Please forgive my creator, even if he is an idiot."

"Lopez is a robot where we're from," Caboose added happily.

"Lucky for you two, I made a pair of quick transport vehicles while we talked," Lopez informed as he motioned to two four-wheeled motorcycles, "While they may look like serpents, they are called 'Mongooses' where we're from. Quick, sturdy, and reliable."

"How did you make them so quick?" Setback asked.

"My record for creating an entire simulation room is ten seconds, and that was including multiple security measures and having to dig through solid diamond," Lopez informed.

"Where we're going...we don't need no stinking Mongooses!"

Silence filled the air as the three just looked at Setback. "Fine." He pouted. "No more references."

"He's right though." Wraith replied. "The Mongooses are nice, and you must teach me how you build so fast but they're not necessary. Too slow."

"...One, I enjoyed your reference," Lopez informed, "Two, you obviously haven't done a montage drive before."

"Montage drive?" Caboose gasped, "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy..."

"Would would like to listen to 'Animals' by Maroon 5 or do you have a preferred travelling song?" Lopez asked, ignoring Caboose's repeated excited chanting of 'oh boy' behind him, "When I had my first Hub Loop, I took everything related to music, robotics, and anything technological to examine."

The two looked at each other before turning to face the Spanish robot. "We can try that." Setback replied.

"No. No music." Wrath answered back. "What I mean to say is that Tachyon is the world's fastest woman."

"Hey Chicka Bum Bum."

"That was not a sex joke!" Wraith sighed. "Tachyon was in a lab accident and got super powers."

"A lot of heroes here have super powers." Setback beamed. "I got injected by a super serum that should have killed me but instead buffed me and my luck. Well, mostly buffed my luck. Sometimes it’s the bad kind."

"And our friend Legacy has danger sense, flight, and super strength among others."

"Y el poder de Tachyon es? (And the power of Tachyon is?)"

A hundred knocks on the wall resounded as Wraith clicked a button opening a garage door. As soon as it was open, a blur raced in, skidding to a stop revealing Tachyon. "Super speed."

"Wraith,justsoyouknow..."Tachyon replied somewhat tiredly. "I just ran...four hundred seven minutes. Please tell me you plan on feeding me."

"The usual?"

"Yes. Please." A now happy Tachyon replied. She took a close look at Lopez and his armor. "Who's the new guys? Please tell me they are not friend with that red armored guy who let Matriarch lose?"

"...He's-ugh-my father..." Lopez admitted in distaste, "I don't want to talk about it."

"Hello," Caboose greeted, "We're going to follow you with a montage drive!"

"My sentiments." Tachyon snarked to Lopez, ignoring Caboose as she did so.

"Tachy, do you have the cart?" Wraith asked.

"Sure do. Ran by my lab and picked it up. It's a rickshaw, fits four." Tachyon replied. "I built it in my lab,and I tested it myself. It can survive the speeds I can run at."

"..." Lopez walked outside, leaving Caboose behind.

"...Can I have super powers?" Caboose asked.

"NO!" the two others Awake in the room shouted almost instantly.

"Aw man~!" Caboose whined childishly before Lopez walked back in.

"He actualizado el rickshaw (I modified the rickshaw)," Lopez informed, "Ahora puede manejar velocidades que casi se puede estrellar un bucle (It can now handle speeds that can almost Crash a loop.)."

"You just walked out here." Tachyon momented.

"Soy muy rápido con las manos. (I am very quick with his hands.)"

"Well, if you say so." Tachyon gripped the handlebars of the modified rickshaw as the other four got in the rickshaw. "Hold on!"

Wraith, Setback, and Lopez did so. Caboose did not.

With a burst of speed, Tachyon burst into a run, blazing a trail with a speed that rivaled any car. The sudden velocity launched Cabooses head into her knees. "Hey, I can see stars! They are smiling at me!"

"Seriously, this guy is you Anchor?" Setback noted. "Guy seems a little out there."

Wraith simply looked at he, eyes narrowed. "You're one to talk."

"Yea but I'm still sane."

The rickshaw had just gotten to a straight road, Tachyon smiling. it was time for her to do what she did best.

Run faster.

So she did.


A blur shot past the horde of cars on the freeway. "Dad? What was that?"

"That was just Tachyon son. Nothing to fret about."



"Where's that music coming from?!" Tachyon demanded.

"El transporte es nada sin música (Transportation is nothing without music)," Lopez replied as the radio began to play 'Animals' by Maroon 5 as soon as Tachyon got on the straight road.


"Fer th' Red Army! Attack!" Sarge shouted as he fired his shotgun out, causing another opponent to dodge and end up getting hit by one of the birds, "Yah! Take that, ya Blue!"

The Matriarch smirked. She had quite a loyal soldier in her midst, despite his issues with the color red. She looked down at her dress, now with red designs on it, with a hint of annoyance. Still...He was quite the fighter for her.


A shotgun blast echoed in the air, the pellets impacting the ground barely missing Sarge. "Over here!"

"Dammit I told you you filthy Blue, I don't fight girls!"





"We're almost there! Two minutes!" Tachyon shouted.

"Aw no more monage?"

"No más montajes." (No more monate)

The rickshaw raced into Rook City, the hive and villainy of the world. And currently the target of a horde of birds that filled the sky with their black feathers.

" a lot of birds."

"You said it Caboose." Seback replied.

"What do y'all mean it ain't Blue! Of course it's Blue!"

"Who said that?" Setback asked.

"Sarge!/Sarge," the two armored figures replied as they ran off to see Sarge arguing with a girl.

"And another thing; does yer shotgun fire brownies?" Sarge asked.

"Oh no," Lopez sighed.

"Sarge!" Caboose shouted, "Sarge! It is me, Caboose!"

"...Caboose?" Sarge repeated as the two turned to him.

"Yes! It is me!" Caboose cheered before Sarge began to fire a him, only to miss, "Did you miss me?"

"Dag-nab-it! Ah missed him!"

"I knew you did!" Caboose cheered.


"Lopez? ...Hey, are y'all feelin' 'Awake?'" Sarge asked.


"Uh-huh! I took a nap on the way here!"

"Good. Help me with this here Blue!" Sarge ordered, "Not you, Caboose! You help her."

"What is your deal with the color blue!" Expartiette yelled through shotgun fire and airborne birds. "I like this shirt okay! No need to get all huffy about it!"

"If ya can't tell who's on who's team without color identification, then whatver you're doing is not good enough!" Srage yelled back. "And you missed again with your brownie gun!"

A shotgun blast from Expatriette impacted sarges arm, causing him to fall back next to his new employer as Expatriette dove to cover behind the rickshaw. Sarge raised his shotgun ready to fire, but a raised hand from The Matriarch halted him. The birds in the sky flew higher into the air, their mistress’s orders clear.

Two larger ravens then flew onto her shoulders, both wearing small red talismans to signify their new team color. One had red tints on its wing feathers, the other purple. "Back so soon Tachyon? And with friends?" The Matriarch taunted. The speedster narrowed her eyes as she stared down the goth. "Honestly I had hoped you would have just run away, but I'm actually glad you did return. It makes better poetry."

The Fastest Woman Alive laughed. "You know me. Live to run. Run to live. And research. Lots of research."

"Oh dear god it's a female Simmons."

Wraith prepared a set of throwing knives while Setback got ready to charge. Lopez, Caboose, and Expatriette did the same, aiming their weapons at the foe. "Last chance to surrender Matriarch." Wraith warned. "Drop the mask, and we won't be forced to hurt you."

"Oh, it's always what you want isn't it? Isn't it!?" The matriarch seethed. "Never what I want. Asking if you understand gets me nowhere, because you are heroes. Everyone notices you. Everyone wants to be you because of your power, your equipment, your status. But with my mask I have the power. I have the status. Soon, after I defeat you, everyone will want to be me."

Lopez was about to speak before Setback answered his question before he asked it. "Yes, she's an attention whore."


"Yea, what she said." Sarge motioned to his robot. "Come on Lopez. Get over here so we can fight them Blues."

" ¿Te das cuenta de que ella es el villano, ¿verdad?” (You do realize that she is the villain, right?)"

"I completely agree. You can kill the one who reminds me of Grif so much."

"He's talking about me right?" Setback sheepishly asked.

"¿Entiendes ahora lo que tengo que tratar? (Now do you see what I have to deal with?)"

"I pity you. I really do." Wraith replied.

"Lopez, stop talking to them dirty Blues about stuff all of my plans and kill ‘em."

"Usted efectivamente tiene la eternidad y que todavía no ha aprendido a hablar español?" (You effectively have eternity and you have not yet learned how to speak Spanish?)

"Enough talk. End this!" The matriarch commanded. Sarge just shrugged. "You do know I don't fight girls, right?”

"Just do it."

"Not unless they anger me to the point where I don't consider them to be girls."

The Matriarch simply scoffed, confused. "Like what, if they're Lesbians or something?"

"Yes, that will do it."

Tachyon gulped at that.

"Wait, the blond one is a lesbian?" Sarge asked. "Well that does make me uncontrollably angry! Die you filthy Blue scum that sleeps with yer own kind!" With haste Sarge raised the shotgun and fired it at Tachyon. Unfortunately for Sarge, she quickly dodged the shot with ease.

Fortunately for Sarge, Setback was behind her, and fell down from the impact of being shot in the face. "Setback!"

"it's brain is safe...the rest of my face caught the shot..." he wheezed out. "...I'm alive...."

"Estoy impresionado” (I am impressed.)

"Honestly...that's pretty tame for me."

Lopez tapped his neck twice on the left side once more before whispering to Caboose, "Caboose."


"Raise your visor," Lopez ordered as Sarge kept trying to shoot Tachyon.

"Git back here, ya dang Super Blue!" Sarge shouted as he kept trying to shoot her, "Yer only makin' it worse for ya!"

"Okay. Now what?"

"Do you remember those red eyes you got a few Loops back when Grif was replacing Naruto, you were replacing Sasuke, Carolina was replacing Sakura, and I was replacing Orochimaru?"


"I want you to turn them on," Lopez slowly and softly ordered, "And you see her?" he discreetly pointed at the Matriarch, "She's your friend. You should help her."

"Okay," Caboose nodded.

The next thing anyone knew, the Matriarch was screaming bloody murder as she was burning to death by unstoppable black flames.

"..." Caboose looked at Lopez, "Yeah, she-uh-she got in the way of my helping her. But we're not blaming anyone for it." he made a small hiss to Tachyon as she moved to beside him while motioning to the downed Setback, "I think the new guy did it."

The superheroes just gazed at what had just happened, the birds flying away in fear of their lives.

Setback finally mustered the nerve to speak. "Wow. That...was something."

"Hey Setback, is Argent Awake?"

"Yes he is Wraith."

"Good.” Wraith slunk into the rickshaw, suddenly tired. “I need a drink."

"You guys coming?" Setback asked the warriors of Blood Gultch. "

“That Adept guy has a bar?” Expatriette asked Setback, who nodded yes. "Yea, I could use a drink to forget all of this.”

This got Tachyon’s attention as Expatriette holstered her weapons. “Argent has a bar?"

"Yep. Good place to relax." Setback replied to the guests.

A shotgun blast resonated, knocking Setback to the ground again. "Hooray! I shot Grif in the face again!"

"Voy a necesitar algo más que una bebida." (I'm going to need more than just a drink.) Lopez sighed.


"Here's your milk and cookies, Caboose," Sarge informed as he put the items before the blue-armored mentally-unstable 'soldier.'

"Yay! Thank you, Sarge!" Caboose cheered.

"So Ah was workin' fer th' wrong side?" Sarge asked, "But she was wearin' red! An' usin' red birds."

"Not everyone who's in red is good," Setback informed.

"...Do you want another shotgun court martial?" Sarge growled.

"I think you've shot him enough times," Tachyon sweatdropped.

"Can it, dirtbag," Sarge frowned before a beep went off from Lopez's armor and slammed his fist into Setback's crotch, the unlucky(er) hero moaning in pain. "Hah! Ah knew installin' that would be th' best idea Ah ever had!"

"Madre de Dios, (Mother of God)" Lopez muttered, his helmet removed so he could rub his nose with his thumb and pointer finger.

"...Hey, that lady got set on fire," Caboose realized.

"...Ah'm awfully sorry 'bout Caboose. And fer his issues," Sarge apologized.

"What about shooting me and Setback?" Tachyon asked.

"Nope. Not sorry fer either of them," Sarge stated bluntly, emptying a bottle of scotch in one go, "Caboose is like a little boy, really. Despite it all, he's basically th' hope we have where we're from. With Caboose, we always know that we're 'home.'"

"Eso es sorprendentemente profunda, Sarge (That's surprisingly deep, Sarge)," Lopez noted.

"Nah. Where are we goin' t' find that many Zap Apples here, Lopez?" Sarge admonished, earning a sigh from Lopez.

"Why don't you just talk English towards him?" Setback whispered as he was recovering from being suddenly punched in the crotch (which for Setback was relatively run of the mill).

"Because there is one thing about these people I do like," Lopez chuckled under his breath before switching back to Spanish, "Oye, Sarge! ¿Por qué no quieres ponerte de rodillas? Temo que va a traer de vuelta algunos recuerdos reprimidos (Hey, Sarge! Why don't you want to get on your knees? Afraid it will bring back some repressed memories)?"

"Ha! Lopez, you ol' kidder you," Sarge chuckled.

"..." Lopez smirked before whispering into Tachyon's ear.

"Oye, Sarge! Apestas (You stink)!" Tachyon smirked. “Y su escopeta es un Remington 887 (And your shotgun is a Remington 887!)

"Oh, don't tell me he's got you in on it too. Ha ha, Lopez you are rambunctious," Sarge chuckled.

"Sometimes he makes up entire conversations," Lopez whispered to the two before declaring at Sarge, "Eres un inútil (You suck)!"

"It is a lovely day, isn't it?" Sarge noted as everyone else, minus Caboose, was trying their best to hold in their laughter.

"Sounds like you had a fun day." The bar owner replied. Like the others he was in heroic garb, a white sleeveless spandex suit with a black cape over it. His hair was a fiery reddish orange.

"Who's this hippie?"

"Argent Adept, The Virtuoso of the Void, member of the Prime Wardens, and owner of the Silver Flute bar." The hero replied. His eyes narrowed, their stair fixed onto Sarge as she slowly spoke his next sentence. "Call me a hippie again, and I will show you exactly what that means."

"I thought you called it the Golden Harp last Loop I was Awake." Wraith asked. Argent shrugged. "I'm trying to find a name that fits."

"Hola, Argent," Lopez greeted.

"Hey, Lopez. How's life treating you? Still having issues with ending up as a head?"

"Cállate (Shut up)," Lopez frowned.

"Lopez, ya know this here feller?" Sarge asked.


"Well. Ah'm Sarge, leader of the Reds of Blood Gulch," Sarge introduced himself, "Over there is Caboose, the Anchor for where we're from."

Caboose muffled a hello, his mouth filled with cookies and some milk. He gave an enthusiastic wave before going back to his milk and cookies. Argent's eyes slowly widened as he looked at Caboose. He looked at Lopez and opened his mouth.

"Si," Lopez stated.

"...No Team Killing allowed in my bar," Argent ordered Caboose.

"Okay," Caboose nodded.

"Caboose, do not help anyone in here, except for th' abomination that likes her own gender and Grif Dos point 0," Sarge ordered.

"...You weren't kidding on how he acts," Argent blinked.

"What is his problem?" Tachyon asked.

Lopez sighed and spoke in English, seeing how Sarge got distracted by a poster with more red than blue in it nearby, "You're going to want to sit down for this story. It's about 20 hours long and I only enjoy telling it in five minute intervals."

"Hah! More Red than Blue! Suck it, Blues!" Sarge declared as he looked at the poster.

"I have two question. One, how do you know each other so well?" Tachyon asked. "And two, Anchors? Looping? Mind filling me in?"

"It's a long story." Setback replied, a heavy sigh.

"OH! Is it story time? I love story time!" Caboose shouted. "We could take turns!"

" actually a good idea." Set back replied. "Good job Caboose!"

Caboose beamed as Argent finished pouring a glass of beer for Tachyon. "It begins with this tree..."

"Not you, Caboose," Sarge ordered, "Last time you tried to tell it to someone, ya made him get Setsuna Syndrome fer a Loop."

"Oh yeah. ...I am very sorry for what I did to Agent New York," Caboose apologized.

"Good. Now get over here so Ah can have someone help me polish mah Shotgun," Sarge ordered, showing said gun and a can of shotgun polish.

"Okay!" Caboose beamed as he ran over.

"I guess it's up to me then," Lopez noted before reaching behind his back and pulled out a cube and tossed it into the middle of the table before it glowed and displayed a hologram of something that strangely resembled a tree, but not at the same time, " Yggdrasil. It is where everything came from, even alternate worlds. Sarge, Caboose, and I are from one of these alternate worlds."

"Multiverse theory."


All looked at Tachyon. "Hello? I'ma scientist. This sounds like multiverse theory. The Theroy states that every decision that is possible results in an ultinerate universe wherethatdecisionwasmadesotheuniverseyouareinistheonewherethatchoiceismadeandifyoutraveltoadifferentuniverseitssimplyadifferntuniversewhereadifferentchoicewasmadenadtimetravelisn'treallytimetrtavelitz'sjusttravling..."

"Tachyon you're fast speaking again." Expat moaned.


"And it's not that kind of multiverse theory." Setback grinned.


"So do you understand it just a little bit better?" Lopez asked.

"What Ah want t' know is why yer talkin' English," Sarge frowned.


"Ah. Must be tired. Coulda sworn Ah heard y'all talkin' English just then," Sarge rubbed his chin with a frown, "Y'all got any room here Ah can take fer th' night?"

"Up the stairs, first door on your right." Argent replied. "Omni is in there, but he won't bite." Sarge trudged away, a yawn escaping him.

"...So, let me get this straight." Expatriette spoke slowly." Everyone is time traveling, only some people realize it..."

"And I'm aware of it only, not this time." Tachyon answered.

"...and the one guy whose mental state is responsible for making sure our universe doesn't go Setback." finished Expatriette.

Setback grinned sheepishly as Wraith groaned a "yes."


"Wait, you're okay with Setback being literally the most important person here?" Argent asked, shock in his voice. "Doesn't that make you slightly afraid?"

"My mother is racist towards those without superpowers." Expariette replied. "Trust me, there is not a lot of things that scare me."

"True that." Setback jeered. "Our first date? That was something to be afraid of."

"Speak for yourself Setback."

"Yeah. I-I don't like dates either. Tucker gave me one once and I couldn't leave the base all day," Caboose informed.

"...Please, for the love of Yggdrasil, ignore him when he makes these statements," Lopez sighed, "You still have that Dance Dance Revolution game here, Argent? This time I will defeat Princess Luna's record on it."

Caboose quickly scrambled under the table, "Lopez is scary when he dances."

"Only when I'm fighting someone," Lopez corrected Caboose, "Honestly, I have yet to see anyone who has actually figured out the link between battle and dance aside from Ranma."

"Stupid Church-stealer," Caboose poked a finger out from under the table.

"Disco," Lopez smirked.

"I subtract my place mat," Caboose informed, lowering his finger down.

"I believe that I traumatized him when I unleashed my Music Fist on the Agent Texas robot army," Lopez noted, earning looks, "When you Loop into our Loop, you'll understand. Currently, everyone from our Loop is competing for the best way to beat them down without resorting to Church splitting himself into copies that all go into the droids and shutting down the original." the looks only grew, "..." he sighed before taking out a fully-charged DVD player and a set of DVDs, "Watch these for our Baseline. Just to warn you; it's embarrassing. Especially the Public Service Announcements." he then clasped his hands together as he spotted the machine he was looking for, "Now if you need me, I've got an Alicorn of the Moon to defeat in the high score."

"Are you sure we're not all just....hallucinating?" Expatiette asked slowly.

"Nope. This is happening." replied the unlucky hero as he reached his hand behind his back.

"I weep for humanity."

"Funny Maia." At last Setback found what he was looking for, two impossibly tiny boxes and a remote with button in it. He pushed it, and the boxes grew to it's normal size.

Argent was legitimately surprised as he stated with shock in his voice "Oh, so that's why you wanted a shrink ray."

"Yea, see I figured if I couldn't quickly make a bigger Subspace Pocket, then what I needed instead was smaller stuff." Setback beamed. "See, I have good ideas too!"

"I have to hand it to you Setback, that was a good idea. You got a spare one?" A just as surprised Wraith asked.

"Asky Tachyon. She's the one who built it."

Lopez at this time decided to take a closer look at the boxes before heading to the Dance Dance Revolution. "Sentinels of the Multiverse?"

"yea, thats us. Apparently in the Hub Loop we're a superhero themed fixed deck cooperative card game." answered the heroic anchor. "It's pretty good although some of the villains are pretty brutal. You wanna have a go with it Lopez?"

"Puede Ser..." Lopez replied. Tachyon, Wrath, and Setback looked through the box to find a hero to play as, the exceptions were Argent and Expatriette. "I think I'll just watch.” she replied. “This is just too weird."

"Suit yourself."

Several crashing sounds resounded from above, faint yelling following. "What the?"

In a clatter several pieces of humanoid blue robot rolled from down the stairs, all ending in a pile.

"I got ya you filthy Blue Lopez!"

"Oh. Right." Arget moaned, a hand palming his face. "I knew I was forgetting something."

The head, once it stopped rolling. turned to face the heroes. "Hello Argent. I appear to be dismantled. Can you assist me in the reconstruction of my exo-cache. It is difficult to do so on my own as my functions have been suddenly severely limited."

"Sure thing Omnitron."


"Argent or Sarge?"



The Naturalist cried as buried his head into his arms as far as he could go. "What's wrong Naturalist?" Setback asked.

"Last Loop I could only turn into a squirrel and I don't know why?"

"Hey, you can already turn into animals, why the big cry over a squirrel?"

"Are you seriously trying to compare a gazelle, a crocodile, and a rhinoceros to a squirrel?"


2.1 This was a long one, but it was pretty fun to write

2.2 Viruses like that tend to happen. Poor Naturalist


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Pretty great! I just found out about the loops, and I was surprised to find out that Sentinels was looping, too. There are some major spelling and grammar errors in there (seriously, you spelled Expatriette wrong, TWO DIFFERENT WAYS, in two consecutive paragraphs!) And some of your characterisations don't match my headcanons, but pretty cool overall.

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