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Tactics Tournament Rule Clarifications

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Tactics Tournament Rule Clarifications

This is an addendum to the FAQ Spiff created.  It has decisions made by Christopher and Luther during tournaments.

1.  Each action can only be taken once, unless it says 'unlimited' or it is specifically called out by a power.  Example 1: Brisk Effulgence gives every character a sprint action, even if they've taken one.  Example 2:  Unity can use Go, Bots! multiple times on the same bot, but she cannot make the same bot attack more than once or move more than once in a turn.

2.  Non-hazard space area attacks target everyone inside the blast when the original attack is declared, dealing with each on a target by target basis, not a hex by hex basis.  This has the following effects:  A. Allies who are in the blast and take the attack for another ally take the attack twice.  Once for their ally and once for themselves.  B.  Targets that enter the blast area during the attack (for example, Proletariat's clones created via Shared Burden) do not also get attacked by the area attack.


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