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Some Names from Dahan and Spirits

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Some Names from Dahan and Spirits

A response I made about the lore in the rulebook on Boardgame Geek made me start thinking about gathering the different names found within the book and spirit panels and putting them online. Not exactly as a reference document, but just so they are out here for easy perusing.


Let us start with the current playable spirits “everyone” is familiar with


Lightning’s Swift Strike

Vital Strength of the Earth

Shadows Flicker Like Flame

River Surges in Sunlight

A Spread of Rampant Green

Thunderspeaker (Formerly Bright Thunder Roars)

Heart of the Wildfire

Ocean’s Hungry Grasp

Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares

Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island

Keeper of the Forbidden Wilds

Sharp Fangs Behind the Leaves



Now, here are some Spirits mentioned, but who we do not see directly


Stalker of Hidden Secrets (imprisoned Bright Thunder Roars, leading to Thunderspeaker)


Volcano Looming High (Probably also “The Volcano” mentioned as one of the parents of Heart of the Wildfire and as a creator of the Island, similar to the Serpent)


The Green (Possibly Spread of Rampant Green, partially gave birth to Heart of the Wildfire)


The Pathmaker (has a Realm, was also mentioned in regards to the spirits of Dead Dahan if memory serves)


Voice of the Deepest Gorge (no longer around?)


Watcher Acts Not


And implied but not named there is the Storm Spirit which birthed Lightning’s Swift Strike



Next some events, named or not


The Years of the Relentless Sun which Shadows Flicker Like Flame helped “combat”

The Ice Curse which feeds River Surges in Sunlight

First Reckoning

Second Reckoning (This is implied to be super important, but no details are given)



Other Names of Potential Interest


Servant Cults (these seem like they could be important, perhaps related to the Second Reckoning)

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I don't think that the Servant Cults were related to the Second Reckoning (or at least not directly related).  Thunderspeaker's bio mentions both seperately, and the Second Reckoning seems to be about the Dahan vs the Spirits, while the Servant Cults were Dahan vs Dahan.  That said, I can envision a few scenarios that would match with the information provided while still being part of the same event.


Excellent list!

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I'm wondering if they are remnants of the Second Reckoning. Whatever happened during that time shook things up, and the Cults were working to take things back to the way they were.


Though why they wanted to do that... I've got random ideas but nothing more solid than what kinds of stories I would try and tell with it.

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I totaly just stole this and put it on the wiki. (With a link to this thread and Chaosmancer credit) - Good finds, and I can't wait to see what will come of these names!

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I'd like to imagine Watcher Acts Not is actually all the volunteers teaching people the game at the various cons. They watch, provide advice, but they don't actually play.

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Hate to thread necro, but...

It makes sense to me that the Servant Cults, the Second Reckoning, and the relationship between the Dahan and the spirits are connected. I see it as the Dahan, prior to the Second Reckoning, worshipped the spirits as gods, and the ones in charge of that would have been what became the side of the Servant Cults (who then lost, to the Dahan and Thunderspeaker). A combination of the Dahan getting fed up with that, and Thunderspeaker being involved in both the Second Reckoning AND the Servant Cults ties it all up nicely - Thunderspeaker was a spirit, bound to human form, working with the humans. What better way to reveal that these things aren't gods?

The war would have been some spirits, with the Servant Cults, preferring god worship and power, and at least Thunderspeaker, if not a few others, fighting to bring balance to the island's power dynamics.

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In reference to the Second Reckoning, it's worth mentioning the line from the Branch & Claw rulebook:

Let us desperately hope that not too many Dahan take the Invaders' side. We would not survive a Third Reckoning.