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Sentinels of the Multiverse Living Campaign #4: results thread

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Sentinels of the Multiverse Living Campaign #4: results thread

It got called to my attention earlier today that, in the excitement over Pudrp making the form for folks to submit results, I forgot to post this thread where people can describe their games. I'll splice the first scenario description back in here in the morning, but have at it. I promise to read these and try ton corporate especially cool bits of people's games into the ongoing narrative.

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Pulling this from memory since I played my game nearly immediately after the original thread was posted.

My game finished after 5 rounds with a win for the heroes.  

GI Bunker was at 4 health, Chrono-Ranger at 6, and Grandpa Legacy at 10.

Turn order was Legacy, Chrono, then Bunker.


Grandpa Legacy got fortitude early on, but it didn't help all that often due to Plague Rat dealing all that irreducable damage; still it was useful at some point.  He eventually got Next Evolution and Unity Ring out so he coud make himself immune to a certain damage type  as well as allowing Chrono or Bunker to regain hp and use a power.   Legacy tanked any hits for the highest hp.  There was only one infection card drawn before the game was over, and put it on legacy and made him immune to toxic damage with Next Evolution.  Legacy's best play of the game was right at the end he played Heroic Interception and prevented the death of GI Bunker to a Chemical Vat Explosion.


Walker Texas Chrono-Ranger used Displaced Armory to pretty good effect to get Temporal Grenades out there to deal with nasty ongoings and environment cards (did this multiple times). And got The Ultimate Target bounty card out first turn so he dealt a LOT more damage to Plague Rat throughout the game.  Surprisingly this was the only bounty card he drew.  Most of Chrono's damage came from Compound Bow, 1 damage then 1 damage boosted to 3 damage then 3 damage (+1 for Nemesis, +1 for Ultimate Target). He got to hit Plague Rat on his turn, the villain turn (Ultimate Target), and Legacy's turn (Gung-Ho). Chrono's best plays were probably the Displaced Armory/Temporal Grenades, although he did use a final Displaced Armory (had 3 throughout game) to pull his hat out of nowhere and put it on for style on his last turn.


Bunker was rather simple.  Started the game with Flak Cannon, Grenade Launcher, and turret mode in hand.  played those three cards then just dealt damage the whole game. His highlights?  He fired a TON of bullets.  


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Legacy starting hand was Danger Sense x2, Surge of Strength, Heroic Interception.  Bunker's starting hand was Ammo Drop, Auxiliary Power Source, External Combustion, Gatling Gun.  Chrono-ranger's starting hand was The Whole Gang, Sudden Contract, Displaced Armory, Ranger's Mark.  I didn't feel particularly good about the game before I started.

Plague Rat's first play was Bestial Vitality, so he started out at +2 damage dealt, -1 damage taken, healing 3 + X a turn.  He got out two Shadowy Ambushes before the first Tooth and Claw.  I had been feeling decent about my chances until that.  Chrono-ranger went to stare at the sky in round 4, Legacy and Bunker barely survived round 5, and Plague Rat flipped and all the heroes were finished by the end of the villain turn in round 6.  The two Escaped Lab Rats that had been strengthened by the Experimental Mutagen helped their overlord well, even if they did not survive long.

I like to think that this was a more cerebral version of Plague Rat, using guerilla tactics and letting the heroes get overconfident before unleashing a devastating assault and making his prey tear themselves apart.