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Sentinel Comics the RPG @ PAX Aus 2019 (October 11 to 13)

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Sentinel Comics the RPG @ PAX Aus 2019 (October 11 to 13)

Hi all, this year at PAX Aus (Oct 11-13, 2019) I will be running a number of sessions of the Sentinel Comics RPG.  The goal is to cover the contents of the Starter Kit across the weekend in a linked series of games where one groups actions will impact on the following sessions.


(StarterKit Modules 1 through 6)

Join the Freedom Five (and Unity) in dealing with the fallout from the battle against OblivAeon. 

Several months have passed but effects of that titanic battle are still being felt.  Megalopolis is slowly recovering but now new forces seek to create turmoil.  The heroes must discover who or what is attacking the immense mystic tree called Akash'Flora, attempt to thwart a psychic invasion from another realm, stop a nuclear empowered villain in the Siberian tundra and help to reassemble the shattered remnants of the Prime Wardens.  But all their methods might be for naught as something stirs in the shadows orchestrating events and taking advantage of the chaos the world finds itself in

Where: Melbourne Exhibition Centre (Thats in Australia, also the place the Escalators briefly... visited), Tabtletop Area


Friday, October 11
Part I: 5pm to 7pm
Part II: 9pm till 11pm

Saturday, October 12
Part III: 7pm to 9pm
Part IV: 9pm till 11pm

Sunday, October 13
Part V (Conclusion): 3pm till 5pm

No prior experience with the SCRPG is requiered each session will be run assuming people have no experience with the system.  As each part of the story is completed the actions and Hero Points generated in each part will impact on the next!

- Raith

(Vedros Anima Est Mea!)