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Scenario questions

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Scenario questions

When looking through the uprising Scenario book, the scenarios seam to really bonce around in terms of how many you need of heroes and villains a lot.  It ranges from 2-4 heroes plus 1 villain, maybe two in the first scenario, in the first 3 scenarios, to suddenly needing 3 of each side.  I thought that you could essentially play straight through the full set of scenarios, but in uprising it seams that you would have to change you're hero team once you reach the finale and have to double up if you don't have enough players for the finale.  And if you start with enough players for the finale, the second and third scenario requires one person to sit out as their can only be 1 villain player.  This all seams very odd considering that the core scenarios where all pretty consistent within each book.


Another question slightly related question is that I heard that each scenario was also designed to be played independently if so desired.  If that is in fact the case, what should be done the continuing the story elements?  Particularly the second Baron Blade scenario which one of the two outcomes has to utilized for the scenario to make sense. (I'm ignoring the third scenario, as the second and thir are essentially the same scenario part, with 2 being the pre-game for 3)

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You decide which version to do.

I believe a coin toss called by the villain player would be the best way to go about it for randomness.