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repeat question.

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repeat question.

1. i found in refference, 'repeat never chain'. what kind of 'chain'?? can you give me example?


(1) use powerstorm, repeat "A" power.

(2) use 'GIFT OF STRENGTH' to 'powerstorm' repeat.

(3) repeated 'powerstorm', repeat "A" power.

at this time, powerstorm used twice, "A" power used triple.

this is 'chain'?


2. if my card play restrict is 2, i play 1)powerstorm, 2)Overgrow in a Night

(1) i trigger 'powerstorm', repeat 'Overgrow in a Night.'

(2) 'Overgrow in a Night' played twice.

at this time, 'played card count is 2' but 'card`s effect trigger is 3 times'. 

this situation is allow in 'card play restrict(this time, 2)'?




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Case 1: If you repeat Powerstorm, the only effect is that the target gains 3 Energy.  The "Repeat" clauses do nothing the second time Powerstorm takes effect.  It's as if those sentences are just gone.

Case 2: The target gains 3 Energy (per Powerstorm) and activates Overgrow In A Night a second time.  Since Overgrow In A Night doesn't contain a Repeat clause, its effects are fully repeated.  They'll get to place a second Presence (in the same or a different land) or generate 3 more Fear.  Powerstorm's threshold allows the target spirit to repeat 3 different power cards, not the same power card 2 or 3 times.

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