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range buff question.

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range buff question.!.3y28aqg


Do Range buffs apply to Powers that affect "a land with your Presence" or "one of your lands"?

No. "A land with your Presence" specifies a requirement for the land you're affecting (similar to, eg, "a land with Dahan" or "a land with Blight"), not a numeric Range. While it is usually the same in practice as "a land at Range 0", when using effects that modify Range the distinction matters.


in this part, i understand 'a land with your presence'(like 0 arrow- PUNISH THOSE WHO TRESPASS) + range buff = base effect`s range is still 0


 if you reach all the thresholds of Punish Those Who Trespass and have extended range, you can use the base effect to deal damage in a distant land and use the further part to deal damage where you have presence (without extension).


this part explain 'base effect gain range buff, but futher is can`t', right?


i feel something weird.

first, sorry. i can`t use english well.

and i need more explain ( in easy word. sorry)



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As I understand it, a Range-extending power just adds its buff to the Range of any to use Reaching Grasp as an example, if this power is used on you you just add +2 to the Range number in all powers you're using that turn. So "Punish Those Who Trespass" would go from Range 0 to Range 2 because Reaching Grasp lets you increase that number. The Threshold of that power which specifies that you can instead apply the effects across "lands in which you have Presence" would not be affected by Reaching Grasp because it only looks at the "Range" box of a power, it doesn't care about the Power's actual text. It would be the same with Mantle of Dread, one of Shadow's cards which has no Range specification because it targets a spirit - the text specifies that that spirit can Push one Explorer and one Town from one of their lands. This can't benefit from something like Reaching Grasp because it's the power's effet text, not the Range.

Spirits like Ocean and Wildfire love powers like Reaching Grasp because it lets you stretch across and use your Range 0 Innates to nom/burninate stuff >:).

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