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Questions about the team The Sentinels

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Also, the OblivAeon heroes share Nemesis icon too

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As for this clarification:

  • The Sentinels' setup card works like the Ennead setup card in that it is a ghost card; it does not count as a card in play and nothing else can affect it.

It’s definitely been changed from the Vengeance rulebook, where it clearly says that The Sentinels start the game with FIVE cards in play.

About the Nemesis bonus, I’m pretty sure Christopher said “decks” during the somewhat recent Void Guard preview stream when asked if the Void Guards would get the nemesis bonus when dealing damage to one another; he said something about the nemesis bonus being envisioned to work between decks and so definitely it would work between the four Void Guards; but this would make it not work inside the Sentinels deck.

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It does and has been ruled to work against members of the Sentinels.  The only time nemesis bonus doesn’t apply is if the source the damage is dealing damage to itself.  

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Yes, decks with multiple targets are basically exceptions to the rule - since the Ennead and the Chairman/Operative get a bonus against each other, so do the Sentinels. And if any of the group villain decks share any Nemesis symbols within the same deck, they will too (but I haven't fought any of them enough to know if this is the case).

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I didn't see this noted in the thread: in the video game, you can mix and match the Sentinels with their Adamant counterparts when they are deployed (so I assume that's part of the tabletop rules). It's easy to do when they replace a hero in OblivAeon mode, but a little tricky otherwise - you have to slot them in the hero section, click on them in turn, and press the variant buttons as needed.