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Question about damage

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Question about damage

Here is the question. Similiar question after.


Omnitron X has Ablative Coating and Reactive Plating Subroutine in play.

The Dreamer's Granite Oni is in play.

Oni deals Omnitron 2 melee damage, Omnitron reduces it by can he dealt 2 melee back to the Oni?


I read that he could since he was dealt damage but I also read that he can't because he took no damage. It doesnt say damage taken so am I doing this right?

***similar question. If the Whipacorn deals damage but is reduced to 0 is it still damage dealt since he dealt damage?




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In SotM, damage dealt = hp loss. If no hp is lost, no damage was dealt.

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What Pydro said :D.

Getting an Ablative Coating-ed Omni-10 Infected when he has his RPS up though - did that once when I also had both Innervation Rays out. Would hit myself for the Infection damage and consequently hit Plague Rat off the RPS, then heal back the Infection damage :D.

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