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Pyroclastic Bombardment + badland token

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Pyroclastic Bombardment + badland token

i read Pyroclastic Bombardment+badland token explain in rulebookk.


1. 1 Damage to each Town/City, plus 1 Damage per Badlands that is
applied to Towns/Cities.
2. 1 Damage to each Dahan, plus 1 Damage per Badlands that is
applied to Dahan.
3. 1 Damage to any Invader.
4. 1 Damage to Dahan.


why not added 3 "to each explorer, plus 1 damage per explorer, 1 damage per badlands that is applied to explore"? 

i think when another effect give to explorer +1health,  Pyroclastic Bombardment can give additional damage to explorer at the 3.



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Step 3 of Pyroclastic Bombardment (without Badlands) does 1 Damage total. That 1 Damage can be applied to a City, a Town, or an Explorer, but it will only only ever be 1 total Damage, not 1 Damage to each Explorer.


The Badlands cannot be applied in this step if there are Towns/Cities present because the Badlands specifically increase the first instance of Damage to Invaders (bolded text in the middle of that page), which is the Damage to each Town/City.