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Publishers Note #9

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Publishers Note #9

The final Christopher and Paul episode until it isn't

Crush your enemies, drive them before you, and laminate their women! - Guise, Prime Wardens #31

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Paul said "poopin'" and really, that was all I needed in my life. The rest of the episode, heck, the rest of the Publisher's Notes, were just gravy. :D

Ahh, the last (2020) time hearnig the "Christopher and Paul" song. I made sure to wave a pretend lighter in the air, because I do not actually own any. :B

I do hope there are more game shows in the future, but I can look forward to them not happening every other episode. That could get old quickly.

I guessed Gothmog as well because it sounds like a really dumb name for a dragon. <.<

OH EXCEPT Paul talking about Discord is also everything I needed in my life. :D Carry on.

Now eagerly awaiting launch of the GTG space progrum.