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Pre-order code results in HTTP 500 error

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Pre-order code results in HTTP 500 error

I'm trying to use my pre-orders for New Bedford and its expansion I bought at PAX east, and I'm getting a HTTP 500 error from the server. I've tried reaching out to your support with no response for over a month. Heck it took a fair bit of time to get a forum account.

Using the advice given in a prior thread, which is to "ignore" the error 500 [Internal server error] and just accept that my pre-order is in my cart somehow. This sorta works, except when I try and add my second pre-order. I'm adding the second per-order to my cart as I see no reason to pay shipping twice.

When adding my second pre-order to my cart, still getting an error 500, the item is indeed added to the cart.. but without the pre-order coded entered in the discount code field. If I then manually enter my pre-order code, "A" discount is applied, its just the wrong one. It seems your site assumes all discount codes are of the same value, and the first entered is used for everything.

The result is that my cart value is currently at -$20.00 [see attached image], which I guess is awesome, that you seem willing to pay me $20 for pre-ordering your games. I assume you would want to fix this before I actually finish my order.

Silly other things, the pre-order text states that "Please be aware that this order contains Preorder items and that all items in your cart will be held until all of the preorder items are available the end of 2015" which is great, except we are now in 2016.. and the game is supposedly releasing in september.