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Powerstorm Question

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Powerstorm Question

If I met the elemental Threshold on Powerstorm, I'm assuming I get both the top half of the card AND the bottom half, correct? Given that - the target spirit gains 3 energy, THEN gets to repeat a power card by paying its cost, THEN gets to repeat up to 3 different power cards by paying their costs? So could I go:

Powerstorm (with Threshold):

-Gain 3 energy

-Duplicate Gift of Proliferation (paying 1)

-Duplicate Gift of Proliferation again (paying 1) and two other powers

or am I reading this wrong?

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In general, yeah, but any individual power card can only be repeated once. 

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Welcome! If you haven't already, please check out the Spirit Island FAQ.
Here are all the FAQ answers about Powerstorm, and this question (as Rabit answered above) is answered here.