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Pinion on the Official Pax East Banner

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Pinion on the Official Pax East Banner

Did anyone else notice that Pinion is in the official Pax East Banner on the main page of GTG's website?  Does this mean that the Broken City and possible even the For Profit characters might be available for the tourney?  


Arguments against:  The preorder would still have a few days left.  I'm somewhat new to GTG's preorders, and so I'm not even 100% sure the product is finished and that painted mini's would be available for use.

Arguments for:  This could be a huge teaser for selling more preorders.  

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I could see a demo being available but that would be the extent of it. 

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I doubt anything that's not been run past the playtesters will be available, demo or otherwise.

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They had the Broken City cover image on the big banner by the booth at PAX South as well.  It's just to advertize the pre-order

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It means they need a Pinion hero deck for SotM.

That's what it really means.

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Ooh, yes, that!

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