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Pasting From Google Docs Auto-bolds

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Pasting From Google Docs Auto-bolds

My spelling is horrible, so I frequently write my replies in Google Docs for the spellcheck, and then paste over. However, when I do this my reply is bolded and I cannot un-bold it either by clicking the bold button or ctrl+b, I have to switch to the plaint text editor and delete the lines that are bolding my reply. Is there something I'm screwing up? It does not do this when I paste from Notepad.

An example of pasting from Google Docs.

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There's a link below the text editor, itself, that says to "Switch to plain text editor". If you hit that, it will show you the HTML tags that Google Docs includes. In the case of the example you shared above, it has:
<b id="docs-internal-guid-36fa8185-7fff-b042-c81d-575d719e457a">

It looks like Google Docs is including this HTML as a reference. For some reason it uses the "bold" tag ("<b>") and adds an "id" tag to it. :-( 

Hope that helps? 

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I know I always have trouble pasting into and out of GDocs, and it's never the same issue twice.

If you're using good ol' keyboard style, try using Ctrl-Shift-V (on Windows of course; no idea about Mac), which will paste whatever's in your clipboard as plain text.