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On Deleting Posts

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On Deleting Posts

There has ben some discussion about deleting topics or posts to the forum. Yes, we've changed things, but it's not a perfect solution. Here are the options:

  • If you are the person who created a topic, you cannot delete your post. Sorry. :) If you really want it gone, you can:
    • edit it, delete the content and replace it with [DELETED] or similar
    • Or contact a moderator who can delete it entirely
  • If you replied to a topic, you can't delete your post, but you can hide it from view. Edit your response, and expand the "Administration" section at the top, you can mark it as not published. 

Moderators, please know that if you delete the first post of a topic, you are in effect deleting the entire topic and all posts that go with it. This is why we removed it. It's dangerous and it means one person can affect another's postings which is usually not good.

Please send any questions to me via PM. Thanks!

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