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OblivAeRG: A Recap of the Reality

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Not enough Rs... wink

"See, this is another sign of your tragic space dementia, all paranoid and crotchety. Breaks the heart." - Mal

Unicode U+24BD gets us Ⓗ. (Thanks, Godai!)

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mwc146 wrote:

I just want to say the thread title reads like someone is saying "OblivAeon" and getting bludgeoned mid-word.

Isn't that basically, from what I understand, the gameplay?
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jffdougan wrote:


much0gust0 wrote:
Thanks for writing this! It must have taken ages! I really, really loved the game and so did my students! Some of us were huddled around the screen being blown away with the amazing-ness that was happening in the community. It actually got my 5th graders interested in the game as a whole, so I bought another copy for my classroom and we continued to play it during their lunchtimes for the remainder of the year. Awesome job!


Have you introduced anything similar to this year's crop that's about to go away?  Do you plan to introduce it to next year's group?

Nah, I changed grades, so I'm with younger students that I toooootally would not want to have hanging around at my lunchtime, haha. If I was back with older students next year then I would probably do something similar, but I gifted the classroom box to one of the students who did a ton of help for me in tearing apart the old classroom during the summer break, so I'd need to get a new one.

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That is an excellent recap on events, for us new folks.

Thank you for wonderful post and summery!

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