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New Moderators

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New Moderators

Sentinels fans, as you know, Paul, Adam, and I act as the administrators of this board.  However, our focus is needed elsewhere more and more as we create games and other exciting things.  WriterRyan has always been a great help in the administration department, but the community is growing constantly, and many hands make light work.

To that end, please welcome two new moderators to our fair forum: arenson9 and Rabit!  They have worked with me at conventions as Sidekicks, and thus, that title extends to this forum, where they will be helping keep the peace and civility.

You might wonder, what sorts of things will these Sidekicks be doing?  What it comes down to is this.  When we started this forum, we laid out those laws of the land, and they've been upheld, for the most part.  However, there have been some recent heated arguments that escalated quickly to the sort of name calling and harassment that we have worked to avoid since day one.  Thus, we're bringing in a bit of help.  arenson9 and Rabit are unlikely to call you out and publicly shame you for your wrong-doings - no one here is creating such a terrible problem that they should expect to be banned or anything of that sort.  We just need to focus on games and awesome times and keep being generally awesome to each other.  And, if that's not happening, please be receptive to them if you receive a private message.  We're not here to ruin anyone's fun.  Just the opposite, in fact.

Also, arenson9 and Rabit will be able to help us, as Moderators/Sidekicks, with our upcoming website and forum overhaul.  Within the next month or so, we will be revamping the website entirely.  We've actually been working on this project for some time now.  More on that as the dates of the revamp draw closer.

So, in short, we have new Moderators/Sidekicks!  They are awesome!  Be awesome to each other!  Thanks!

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Egads! A rare usage of the Announcements board!

This forum has grown significantly in size in the last year, and we anticipate that it will only increase further over the course of the next. In order to facilitate continued forumnal harmony, we have elected to increase the number of moderators to 3.

To that end, we are pleased to announce the addition of imprimis5 as a moderator!

The GTG Forum: Now With 50% More Moderation!

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