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Nefarious Four, koutrou's Villain

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Nefarious Four, koutrou's Villain

The (first) villain I'm submitting is a group (sorta like the Ennead) called the Nefarious Four.  They are an alternate dimension's Freedom Five, but due to a small change, are evil (not misunderstood, just plain mean).  They all have abilities comparable to the actual Freedom Five and look relatively similar. Legacy becomes Imperious, who looks much more like the Legacy from Visionary's future.  He's not the team player that Legacy is, having conquered much of the world with his minions.  He is powerful and is well aware of this, believing that he knows how to control the world and should be able to with his strength (Citizen Dawn-like).  He is willing to get into the fight, but is perfectly happy throwing other villains in front of himself.


Bunker becomes Assault, who has a similar battle suit with significantly more guns.  He's the War Machine to Bunker's Iron Man. He's the same strategist that Bunker is, but is more ruthless, as the world that he lives doesn't have the same view of kindness in battle. He's the perfect soldier for Imperious: loyal, aggressive, and enjoys using his power.


Wraith becomes Banshee, who is a much more shadowy and armored version of the current Wraith.  She's more vicious then her counterpart, her inventions more likely to maim and wound.  Banshee also has taken control of the criminal underworld of Rook City and enjoys the chaos that she can spread.  She believes that she is in charge of Imperious and acts accordingly, but is quick to surrender control if his temper flares.


Finally, Tachyon becomes Photos, who looks basically the same as Tachyon, but her costume is black instead of white.  She also has the Matriarch's mask, because her cousin no longer needs it (she may have tripped off the bridge, we'll never know).  Photos is more “outgoing” with her experiments, with less morale structure in the world, and is glad to help Imperious for a stead stream of “test subjects.”


Now I know what you're thinking, what about Absolute Zero, he's part of the Freedom Five.  Zero still exists, but in a bit of a different way.  It was originally Tachyon who developed his armor, Photos is a bit less humane.  Ryan Frost is the power core of the Absolute Tank, a destructive weapon that leads Imperious' Army.  It blasts ice blasts and freezes Imperious' foes in their tracks.  Frost may become a hero, if he's ever able to escape.


Now that gives you an idea of what they look like and below is a bit more flavor concept for you (a back story).


The butterfly effect describes how the smallest change in history can alter the world dramatically. How a single moment can change everything you know to be true. In 1759, Joseph William Parsons was born in Boston. By 1772, he would be apprenticed to master silversmith and revolutionary, Paul Revere. Joseph's father had been a local hero for his efforts in the French and Indian war and had survived said war. Rising tensions with the British were on everyone's mind, and the possible revolution is what caused a rift between Paul Revere and Joseph's father. A staunch supporter of the crown, Joseph's father prematurely ended young Joseph's apprenticeship as Paul Revere became a member of the Sons of Liberty.


While on one of his frequent trips to the harbor, 16-year-old Joseph experienced a bizarre phenomenon. As he walked along the Charles River, the sudden reverberation buzzing along his skull almost drove him to his knees. Gasping, Joseph looked around, trying to discern what was happening to him. Through the evening's fog, he could see a dim light bobbing across the dark water. As he focused on it, the buzzing increased, galvanizing him into action. Joseph realized the light was a lantern on a boat - several boats carrying British soldiers! Upon identifying this, Joseph realized that the revolutionaries would use this information to begin their preparations, and the vibrations in Joseph's head ceased with a snap. Joseph raced home and informed his father of the events, who took action to prevent the news from being spread, allowing the British troops to surprise the revolutionaries in Lexington.


Joseph never told anyone about the buzzing which had assaulted him that night, warning him of impending danger. However, the feeling did return many times throughout the rest of his life. Having prevented the Sons of Liberty of knowing the troops movements, the revolution was quelled, and Joseph and his father were knighted by King George III. Joseph grew and became governor of Boston, married, and a year later George Nathaniel Parsons was born, named after the king who Joseph served unwaivering. By the age of 12, young George began to exhibit an uncanny sense of danger, but also was more keen-eyed and fleet of foot than any of his peers. George was trained by his father, but began to realize the ways the world could be run better.


Eventually, George grew and took lead of his fellow man, growing the governorship he held. His son, George, inherited his abilities, furthering them with the addition of strength uncommon in all but the stoutest of men, and also inherited his want of power. The line of George Parsons continued on, growing more powerful than the last, each passing on the want of strength. When the first George Parsons gain the ability of flight, he took on the mantle of "Imperious".


Imperious, now having been promoted as governor of the whole of the American continents, begin to gather forces to take the control that he knew he deserved.


Though he had control, Imperious did not have order of his domain. As revolutions rose, Imperious sent his armies to quell them, and yet they continued to arise. And then the rebellions stopped. Upon inspection, Imperious realized that a young Lieutenant Tyler Vance was not only assaulting the rebels, but their families, their homes, their workplaces, anything to destroy their morale. His brutality was matched only by his strategic mind. He was offered the opportunity to operate the Personal Armament Eco-Chassis YS-2300t suit, an automated battle suit capable of wielding the firepower greater than a full battalion.


Determining that he needed additional resources, Imperious called out the world's brightest minds. He found them lacking. And then there was Dr. Meredith Stinson, a driving force behind the creation of many creations from Eaken-Rubendall Laboratory. Imperious heard of the creation of the Particle Yield Enhancing Wavelength, which due to a safety mechanism failure, had been blessed with superhuman speed. With her incredible speed, intelligence, and desire for science without consequence, Imperious gladly reached out, dubbing her Photos, the quickest woman on Earth.


With his forces growing, Imperious knew the need of additional funding and armament supplies. He saw the mysterious death of Daniel Montgomery and his spouse, the CEO of Montgomery Industries fell to Maia, their daughter. Upon gathering additional information, Imperious connected Maia to the shadowy figure Banshee, who acted both as vigilante and held command of the underworld of Rook City.


With his new subordinates in tow, Imperious swiftly disposed of all resistance, imprisoning or eliminating any who stood before him. Crushing the British Empire his family had once served loyally, Imperious led his Nefarious Four towards conquering his own world and all he could.



The world started the same, but was changed due to the original Joseph Parsons' father's survival. He caused Joseph Parsons to be a supporter of the British crown, instilling a since of power to the strong as oppose to justice and liberty. Due to this, Joseph helped prevent the American Revolution and Legacy became Imperious


With the changed time line, Maia's father was forced into longer work and she didn't comfort her when she had her fateful nightmare as a child. She turned not only to defeat the thugs that beat her and killed her boyfriend, but also against the police that did not respond. She desired more, reaching out to Graham Pike to orchestrate the mysterious deaths of her parents so she could take over their corporation, with the promise to merger their companies. Once taking over the company, merge the companies she did, with the mysterious demise of Graham Pike as well.


Tyler Vance is less changed himself and more a victim of situation. A soldier to the end, Vance's life was unchanged except for being raised under the banner of Imperious In a world where the strong oppressed the weak, Vance fought as a soldier of the strong instead of the compassionate.


Meredith Stinson was also less changed, still a brilliant scientist, just now in a world that promoted her research above morales. The thought of being able to do whatever research that she desired causes more experiments on unlucky "test-subjects".


Ryan Frost, though not one of the Four, is forcibly tied to them. His fiancée was killed by the same drunk driver, he fell into the same depression, took the same janitor's job, and was caught in the same unfortunate explosion. It is there that the similarities change. Ryan Frost's body chemistry changed the same way, but when Imperious heard of it, he ordered Dr. Stinson to create an invention that would harness his frozen ability to decimate his enemies. Ryan Frost was turned into the core of the Absolute Tank, Version Zero, a powerful tank that fires both Ice or Fire, drawing its power forcibly from Ryan Frost.


Other heroes did grow the same way, initially unaffected by Mr. Parsons' survival. Tempest, Fanatic and Ra all became heroes, but where all defeated by the combined forces of the Nefarious Four. Tempest was chained and turned into a Court Jester, while the un-bowing Fanatic and Ra were eliminated completely.



For the play, I see the Nefarious Four starting off together with the Absolute Tank as well.  Like the Ennead, when one of the Four becomes defeated, they become incapacitated, causing the other's to become that much more powerful.  I wanted to create card ideas that reflected on each of the Heroes they are based on (much like Fanatic and Apostate reflect each other), showing how their world is different from the regular Multiverse.


On their base side, Imperious does melee damage to the strongest Hero, Assault does projectile damage to all Heroes, Photos allows the play of an extra card, and Banshee plays control (ongoing/equipment destruction or damage). For flipping, there isn't anything really entertaining for that.  If the Absolute Tank is destroyed, then the Four would realize they actually have to try and would fight harder.  If the Tank returns, they tune it down a bit again.


The base mechanic that I have for the Four is a “punisher” mechanic, with each villain card having something happen when it is destroyed. As an example, the Absolute Tank would explode and deal fire damage. Some of the cards I've conceived:


There is the Staff of Ra-vaging (based on Staff of Ra), that heals each villain when it comes into play and then does fire damage to all Hero targets (dealt by whichever villain has the highest HP). When it is destroyed, then projectile damage is done to whatever destroys it (much like Ra throwing his staff).  I'd imagine this would be held by Imperious, who would be pleased that he killed a god.


There is the Blade Domination (based on Fanatic's Absolution), which deals radiant and melee damage to the weakest Hero (dealt by whichever villain has the second highest HP). When it is destroyed, then it would deal infernal damage to all Heroes and heal the villain targets (like Holy Nova).  This would be one held by Banshee.


There is then the Court Jester (based on Tempest), who heals all villains each turn (much like Tempest's Healing Rain). When the Court Jester is destroyed, he deals lightning damage to all heroes unless they put one of their ongoing/equipment on top of their deck (Into the Stratosphere).


There is then the Court Musician (based on the Argent Adept), who puts a damage resistant on all villains When the Court Musician is destroyed, he would play the top card of the villain deck (much like Adept allowing players to play more cards).


Of course they wouldn't all be targets, some of the one shots I've thought of:


De-motivational Beating would deal a lot of damage to the strongest Hero and a little to each villain (in opposition to Motivational Charge)


Beyond the Limit would play the top two cards of villain deck and the top card of the environment deck (like Pushing the Limit), as though the villains were skipping the Hero turns.


Recharged Assault would heal each of the villains and perhaps even play an extra card (like Recharge Mode).


Hope y'all like the Nefarious Four!  They can't wait to conquer the Multiverse.