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More Spirit Island Questions

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More Spirit Island Questions

1) Downpour: Do you have to repeat the same pour or can you mix and match which power cards you repeat?

2) Does Pour Time Sideways work on events or ONLY invader phase (and advesary effects that change invader phases)

3) The event: Beast Prey on the Injured: It says on each board destroy a damaged invader in a land with beast. Does that have to happen when the event is drawn? If so, this doesn't really do much most of the time.

4) Is Time similar to energy, it persists between turns. I found Fractured Days to be very powerful and had a hard time spending all my Time but was happy to have all the card plays and energy each turn as I sat on my Time. I'm sure I need to play it more to use it more effectively.  

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1) Pick the powers you want to repeat, it can be a single power multiple times, or the several different powers once (don't forget to pay for them!).

2) It cover the ENTIRE Invader Phase, which includes Events, Fear cards (providing they have the "Each Board/Land..." wording) and Invader Actions.

3) You are reading that right- sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't (like most events).

4) Yes, it persists between turns. The balance is that with each unit of Time you are saving, you have one less Presence to put on the Island.

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