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Mariner’s Decide-O-Truncated-Icosahedron

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The Mariner
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Mariner’s Decide-O-Truncated-Icosahedron

Greetings, intrepid intreppers!  And welcome to the most important personality quiz ever!  (Question submissions accepted)


Which Prime Aspect is Yours?


1.) You see a young woman snatch an old man’s wallet on the street and run off.  What do you do?

a. Punch the old man and steal the rest of his stuff.

b. Steal the wallet from the woman and remove all the money before returning it with a very public Facebook post.

c. Take the wallet back and return it, so that things are returned to normal.

d. Announce loudly that the old man is trying to steal the young woman’s money, and watch the ensuing chaos.

e. Take the wallet back and return it, to ensure a brighter future for mankind.

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2.)  Suddenly a hand pops out of the toilet!  What do you do?

a. Scream and run.

b. Close the lid without a word.

c. Grab the hand and pull until you see what's attached to it and punch it in the face.

d. Shake the hand.

e. Give it a land deed in case you get a peice of heart from it.

I'll put things in here later.

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3.) What does it taste like in here?

a. Jelly

b. Tapioca

c. Kale

d. Pancakes

e. Nervous energy

The Girl With N...
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4.) Your neighbours are having a party on a Sunday night, and playing pretty loud music. What do you do in response?

a. Disgruntledly tolerate it but make a very angry social media post the next day


c. Sneak into their lawn and turn off the power at the box

d. Join the party and defeat them in a dance contest to humiliate them

e. Just put on some earmuffs

Yak Guardian
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1. A

2. C

3. No answer. (It always tastes like bacon in here. Also out there. )

4. B

Yak Guardian
(aka Michael)
R.I.P. Blake Washington

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E all the way down.

McBehrer is the sole winner of this game... And McBehrer, I would step carefully should you find your way down dark alleys. More than one vote said simply, "McBehrer must die."

McBehrer confirmed to be Biomancer!
-- Trajector

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1. E
2. A or B
3. B
4. E