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Know When to Let Go (One-Shot)

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Know When to Let Go (One-Shot)

"Yeah, we won! Eat it, sucker!"

The strange being was rapidly fleeing the scene, with both the Scholar and Guise standing triumphantly in the wasteland. Guise was standing heroically on a rock, hands-on-hips, while the Scholar sat close-by, sweating lightly.

"John, did you see the way I smacked that loser? He was like RRAAHH and I was like Eat This! and he was like OW!" Guise grinned triumphantly, or tried to, anyways. 

"Yes, Joe, you were amazing. Now, do you want to stand on that rock all day, or are you going to get some lunch? I'm paying, as usual." The Scholar rolled his eyes. Money wasn't much of a concern when you could transform a rock into gold with the touch of a hand, but it was the thought that counted. 

"All right. It's a good time for some great product placement, anyways." Guise leapt off the rock, and fist-bumped the Scholar. "Y'know, you and me, we make a pretty good team!"

"Hm. I guess we do."

"Maybe we'll get a comic book series with the both of us! The Best Book, Introducing: The Schol-"

Pain. Crushing Pain. The universe contorted around the two, and the universe grew tighter and tighter around them. Only pain followed. Almost endless, until it disappeared. Guise couldn't feel his body. Then he saw drips of himself splatter on the ground. Falling to his knees, he started to melt away. He looked up. The Scholar- No, John... He was fading away. Disappearing.

"So this is my death scene, huh? Can't say it wasn't dramatic." He looked at the sky. Red and Black. This was the last thing he'd see.

Suddenly, he felt a warm glow in his chest. He looked down, and saw the Philosopher's stone. John was holding it near his chest. His eyes were closed, his breating slowed as parts of him disappeared. Guise knew what was about to happen.

"John, No! Don't waste your heroic sacrifice on me!" John gently pushed the stone into Guise's chest. He could feel it's power. Feebly, he tried to push it away.

"I'm just a comic relief character... you're much more important on me." Guise was begging now, trying to resist. John smiled softly, His body was fading faster, ever faster.

"The world needs a Scholar... They need you much more than I do! Please, don't do this!" Guise pleaded desperately, trying to pull away from the stone. He couldn't bring himself to move away no matter how much he tried. 

"Be strong, Joe. Be a Hero." 

A bright flash illuminated the area, and the Scholar was no more. In the still emptiness of the desert, only one voice whispered out.

"John... Why?"

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