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Jagged Earth Print-and-plays

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Jagged Earth Print-and-plays

Good morning,

The update for Jagged Earth's kickstarter went out this morning and I was very sad to see that I'm not going to have this game in my hands for at least two months. As someone who is already going through severe withdrawal symptoms for Spirit Island, I'm looking for any kind of fix at all. Last night I was able to play a game over video chat with someone successfully, and there may be more covid-safe sessions like this in the near future. I have a mission now to see if I can print-and-play any more of the Jagged Earth spirits.

I have versions of Burning Plague, Many Minds, and Grinning Trickster that I am confident are severely out-of-date.

I have versions of Finder and Shifting Memory that I think are current.

I've done some screencaps on Stone's unyielding defiance from the Spirit Spotlight video that contain all of the information, but I haven't made it into something printable yet (and I'm not sure I can but it has to be possible).

There are Spirit Spotlight videos for Lure and Downpour that have incomplete information (I don't know what all of their cards are).

I'm wondering if there are any other resources out there for print-and-play spirits for Jagged Earth, and also maybe if some more could be provided? Pretty please? I have an addiction!

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You might try BGG as the only people here who would have stuff is playtesters and we wouldn't be able to share those files.  

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