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Issues with Greater Than Games Support

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Issues with Greater Than Games Support

So I bought a copy of spirit island back in Jan iirc, and I had a problem with the invader board not folding out flat, which makes it really annoying since the fear tokens keep sliding around, fear card stack will become splayed out rather then stacked, etc.

So I contacted support and they sent me out a new invader board, which still had the same issue, albeit to a lesser extent. I responded back to let them know, and never got a response back. I then got caught up in a move, and didn't think much till recently again (which is my bad, but tbf I did send a follow up) and I emailed them and haven't heard back in a couple weeks.

Not sure if anyone has had similar problems or what not. I love this game, but I'm a little ocd anal and the board not laying flat bothers me. I'm tempted to just cut the board in 4 pieces and put tape on the back...

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If you check out the Board Game Geek Spirit Island forums, there's been some talk just recently about how to make the board lay flat. I don't remember the specifics, but careful use of a razor or file can reduce some of the excess cardboard. It's unfortunately just a part of how it's manufactured, I guess.

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Yeah, mine was pretty stiff at first and had the same problem.  It flattened out over time, though.

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