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Inverse Universe Heroes

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Inverse Universe Heroes

Here are some ideas I have for Inverse Universe Heroes. I would appreciate some feedback and thoughts on them.

My ideas for some Inverse Heroes

Division aka Inverted Proletariat: Aleksandr Tsarev's wealthy parents fled from Russia with the rise of communism and ended up in the United States. Left poor due to the haste in which they fled they learned the value of hard work by gaining tough jobs to support themselves and their infant son. Imparting these same values onto young Alexandr, causing him to grow up with both a strong work and a fierce sense of American patriotism. Changing his name to Alex Talbot in order to hide his Russian origins from those who would persecute him he decided to join the.military in order to show his love for his new found home, and his deep hatred of the Soviet Union. He excelled in his training rapidly becoming a highly skilled solider and commander. He later volunteered for a military experiment to be injected with a special serum that was meant to run him into the ultimate solider, it instead seemed to knock him into a coma.

Through initially written off as a failed experiment the government scientists discovered something remarkable upon more detailed inspection: through he was comatose the serum was keeping him in a strange state of suspended animation! He would not age while he was in this coma! With this revelation the US government decided to keep him "on ice" for both further study and to see what happens if he woke up. Well he did wake up, but it took decades. By the time the coma was over the Soviet Union had fallen and Alex Talbot was a man out of his time. However there was one upside: Alex could now duplicate himself a limited number of times, about fifteen to twenty times or so.

Through this new ability was a silver lining Alex still felt like an extremely out of place piece of obsolescence in this new time and fell into a deep depression, bereft of any real purpose. However this void inside would not last long. With the growing menace of supervillains the US government felt they needed a special "team" of their own under their supervision to combat them. The first person they turned to was of course Alex, and even offered him leadership to boot! While open to the idea of joining a team he initially declined leadership, feeling he was too much of a "relic" to able to lead effectively anymore. It took some cajoling and debate but eventually Alex accpeted leadership. Dubbing himself "Division" he now leads this new team, called "The Light Brigade" to fight all enemies of America and the innocent.

Quick-Step aka Inverted Friction: Crystal Lee was always an eager, energetic, and focused woman. When she set her sights on some new task she approached it 100 percent and would not stop until she felt it was done correctly, even at personal cost. This was especially true of any engineering project, engineering being her greatest passion Through this attitude gave her tunnel vision at times it also made her a hard worker and eventually got her a scholarship at a prestigious university and an internship at a prominent research lab. The lab in question was working on a "speed suit" in order to create a new breed of super fast peacekeepers. However the lab was eventually broken into by the villain Terminal Velocity, who had heard about the project and was none too pleased about being "ripped-off", who wrecked the lab and caused the suit to blow up, with young Crystal caught in the blast!

Miraculously she survived without any major injuries, and, as she eventually found out, the ability to naturally move at super fast speed like Terminal Velocity can! Now she possed physcial abilties to match her attitude. With her new powers she decided to become a crime fighter to both help people, and stick it to Terminal Velocity for her actions. Through before she could go out and do some serious crimefighting she was contacted by the US government, who had heard about the incident due to the fact that they were the ones funding the lab's projects, and was offered a place on the new Light Brigade. Estactic at even being asked Crystal jumped at the opportunity and signed on. Now going by Quick-Step she fights alongside her teammates for justice!

Metallurgist aka Inverted Chokepoint: Being handed over to the government by her parents when they were unable to handle her strange ability to "talk" to metal would be damaging to any child, and the same was ture of Evelyn Moore. Through the pain and resentment was immense she instead decied to channel both into a firm desire for greatness. Through an "I'll show everybody" attitude she pushed herslef to her limits and quicker then her trainers could believe mastered her metal powers. Through still seething with resentment, and not really having a strong loyalty to the US government she still approached her new missions with gusto! However after a time she grew sick of having to kill for "the sake of her country", and instead wanted to use her powers in less fatal ways.

So when the super team The Light Brigade was being together, and Evelyn seeming like a natural fit, she leapt at the chance to be part of something more defensive and less lethal. Through still not the best team payer, the resentment and anger were still there after all, and often chafing under the patriotic Division's leadership, she is slowly opening up more to her new teammates and becoming warmer, slowly. In the mean time she will do her level best to be a great hero and prove herself to a world she still feels does not accept her.

Flamehammer aka Inverted Citizen Hammer: While the US government does not have the best relationship with group of isolationist super-powered group known as the Citizens of the Sun cooler heads prevailed over more fearful ones. The Us government offered the group's leader Dawn Cohen a deal: officially being recognized as an independent nation and protection in exchange for one of their powerful members becoming part of their new hero team the Light Brigade for them. Through initially skeptical Dawn felt she could not turn down such an offer offer and agreed. Asking for a volunteer one man by the name of Hayden Turk agreed out of sheer loyalty to Dawn. Dubbing himself Flamehammer, due to not caring enough to pick something more creative, he joined up. Through his fire powers levelheadedness, and natural combat prowess makes an a very valued asset to his team he still lacks trust in his teammates and is often stand-offish. However he seems to be learning to trust them more and his loyalty to Dawn and her goals focuses him to be the best hero he can be.