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Interactions between Friendly Fire and Wrong Time and Place

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Interactions between Friendly Fire and Wrong Time and Place

So, I came across what I thought was a bug in the app the other day, and it turns out it has another interpretation.

The way I thought it always worked, was that if you use Friendly Fire while Wrong Time and Place is in play, and take damage from Friendly Fire, Wrong Time and Place will let Setback take damage from Friendly Fire and gain 2 tokens, or let Setback remove 2 tokens to redirect it to another target, always.


But the interpretation in the video game, had it so that When Friendly Fire and Wrong Time and Place are in play at the same time, Wrong Time and Place is a redirect.

It reads:

The first time a hero target would be dealt damage each turn, redirect that damage to Setback, or remove X tokens from your unlucky pool to redirect that damage to a target, where X = the amount of damage


It's a redirect every time, and if Setback is the original target, he can't redirect to himself. So when I tried to use other heroes to hit him with the friendly fire, if Setback had <2 tokens, he took the damage and gained the tokens, but if he had more than 2 tokens, they were automatically removed, no choice given, and I had to redirect to another target other than Setback.

It makes sense to me now, from the standpoint of "a redirect = another target than the original" but it feels bad from a gameplay standpoint, and especially when the other part of that card feels like it's supposed to be giving you a choice.