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Inspired by SI

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Inspired by SI

Dahan Drum Song


From rhythm of the Ocean, to River's ebb and swell,

The Shadow of the fire's flame, and Dreams therein that dwell.

Brother Lightning, sister Thunder, and the Green upon the Earth,

All these and more were here before the human race was birthed.

Yes, these and more were found in ford, in mountain, marsh, and firth.


Whose form is purest motion, or sparkling starry gleam,

Their pulse the seasons' turning, their breath a nascent dream.

Their blessings upon those whose living leaves the land unstained,

For humans dwell within the realm, and cause the land no pain.

Yes, Dahan dwell within this realm of shadow, sun, and rain.


Now comes a ship to harbor, forerunner of the fleet,

Relentlessly determined to extend their country's mete.

Their colonies metastasize as swiftly as they dare,

With blades of steel to make all kneel and bring to them despair,

For blades of steel and iron heels will break all Spirits there.


So call for storm and fire, they shall answer you as friends.

Use rot and growth as weapons both, your enemies to end.

Rend the very firmament; defend with stealth and guile.

Now stand or fall as one, you all must cleanse the Blight so vile.

Stand or fall, now heed the call: defend the Spirits' Isle!


-E. H.


(I'm a friend of Eric's, and a playtester of Spirit Island.  I shared this on the Kickstarter Site, and he suggested I post it here as well.  

Looking forward to the finished product!)

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Vey nice.  Welcome to the forums.  

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Welcome to the forums!

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