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I have no printer!

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I have no printer!

I just bought the game from drivethroughrpg and downloaded all the files. Was very happy it came with form fillable hero and villain sheets, but was then disapointed that they dont save any data, they can only be printed out. As i do not have a printer at the moment, does anyone know if thare are any versions of these where you can save the data you put in?

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They should retain their data when saving. I have multiple sheets of heroes and villains saved on my various devices. Maybe you have a setting that needs changed?

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In Windows, your print dialogue should have an option to "print as PDF". That's actually how you save a PDF if you don't have something like Adobe Acrobat, which would also worked. Saved through another program, the sheets will lose their ability to be filled in further, however, so take note of that.

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It depends on the PDF reader program.  Some PDF readers let you save a copy that's still editable.  I use PDF-XChange Viewer, which works just fine.  IIRC FoxIt does, too.

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I have one form fillable PDF saved as "master copy" in more than one folder and when i start building a character i save the current form fillable PDF as the new character's name, or test, or something.
Before we got the form fillable auxiliary sheet i made 3 extra sheets for my form changer one for base and then his 3 other forms, all as 4 different character sheets all in one folder under his name

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