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How does All Things Weaken interact with Shroud of Silent Mist?

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How does All Things Weaken interact with Shroud of Silent Mist?

We ran into this question last night: We had Shroud of Silent Mist is in play, who had damaged towns in its lands. Then the blight card flipped and turned out to be All Things Weaken. Among other things, the card says "Starting next turn, invaders have -1 health".

In this case, what happens to towns which are already damaged and don't heal until next turn? Do they keep 1 health point, or would they be destroyed immediately as soon as the next turn starts? And what would happen to a city that has taken 1 damage before the blight card flipped?

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Okay, so say you have any number of Towns that were dealt 1 damage each, and did not heal during Time Passes because of Shroud of Silent Mists' special rule, Slow and Silent Death. At the beginning of next turn, All Things Weaken causes each Town to have -1 Health, and since each Town already only had 1 Health, the Towns are reduced to 0 Health and Destroyed (1 - 1 = 0).

In your City scenario, that City would have 1 Health. It starts with 3, -1 because it took 1 damage, -1 more because of the Blight Card, = 1.

Attached to this post is a screenshot of the relevent portion of the Jagged Earth Rulebook (page 15, under "Health & Damage").


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I had one glorious game where this happened and about 6 towns and a couple of cities just keeled over dead.  Between Mist's usual rule and all the destroyed invaders, I remember it was 15 fear during that one cleanup phase.

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