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Hazard Radius

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Hazard Radius

I'm still confused with Hazard Radius:


So let's see we have this map with a Powered Auto-Turret (Hazard Attack Radius 2) on Hex 12.7 and Wraith begins her turn on 12.4. She moves from 12.4 to 12.5. Does the Auto Turret's harzad attack trigger when she moves there? This seems like a basic question but we were struggling to answer that after reading both the rules and the other Hazard thread. Please help as we really want to play and enjoy this game (and I think we will) but we're having a tough time understanding some of the rules.

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Yes, 12.5 is in Radius 2, so entering the hex triggers an attack. If 12.6 is at a higher elevation than 12.5 or 12.7, the turret doesn't have line of sight and can't shoot you though. However, if the Wraith then moves into 12.6, she'd be taking another attack, regardless of whether or not the first attack hit her. Moving around in its radius will cause you to take multiple attack.

Note: We have a special rule not found in the rules that says the Impulsion Turrets only trigger once per turn, or once for the movement trigger per turn. Whichever you prefer. Because it can technically infinitely push you if this rule isn't in place.