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Game design submissions

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Game design submissions

Hey people,

I was just browsing the site as I have a few design concepts I'm playing around with, and while I don't feel like I'm ready to submit anything at this point (I want to playtest the designs first rather than waste people's time with a sales pitch I can't deliver on), I noticed that the contact process on the About Us tab involved e-mailing Chris B or Chris K, the design submission there are to be sent to the generic contact address - which is the better approach?

On a more general note, I'm thinking of using TableTop Simulator as a way to playtest, is that something that would be supported on the GtG side as a way of evaluating the game design, or would I still need to produce the components for the physical prototype stage?

Finally, are there some guidelines as to what the different brands are looking for? Does something for Dice Hate Me for example need to be retro ("Dice Hate Me Studio specializes in retro Americana themed games with euro-style elements")? I'm contemplating some sports games (modern roller derby, golf, pro wrestling), which I could see potentially sitting alongside BotN, but would a non retro sports game be considered?

Thanks for reading