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Fun Victories

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Fun Victories

My family was just playing our first ever game (I'd done a few solos, but this was their first game, and my first multiplayer), and I am particularly proud of our victory.


Vital Strength of the Earth gave a Gift of Strength to Lightning's Swift Strike, which fueled Lightning's Powerstorm to monsterous proportions.  The Powerstorm, along with Lightning's Boon gave Shadows Flicker Like Flames the speed and power required for the Jungle to Hunger and swallow the three remaining cities simultaneously.  This (understandably) terrified the invaders, who reached terror level 3 and fled the island screaming, leaving their abandoned towns behind them.



Anyone else have any unsually interesting victories yet?

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That's awesome. Since you repeated Powerstorm, you could repeat the same power card. And you used three spirits for that key move.

My most recent game was a kind of anti-combo. I was doing a solo game with Vital Strength of Earth. I got Tsunami and was using it to pound the coast repeatedly, to devastating effect. That took me to Terror Level 3 pretty quickly. But in my enthusiasm I got rid of Draw of the Fruitful Earth, and then no longer had an effective way to use my Ritual of Destruction on inland Cities. I limped along, and on the very last possibility (invader deck was empty), I gained Wrap in Wings of Sunlight and flew an army of Dahan into position to wipe out a City during the ravage, giving me enough for a Fear victory.