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Forum Reorganization!

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Forum Reorganization!

You may have noticed that the forums were recently reorganized!

Looking at how things were laid out, and planning for the future as we add games, I went through and changed how things are laid out. Fortunately, it is not as drastic as it might first appear. Here are the changes:

1) Each game now just has one forum instead of splitting things up in the "General" and "Rules & Gameplay", a distinction which was vague to begin with.

2) We stopped separating things out by imprint, since that makes the forum unnecessarily cluttered and long. Instead, there is just a "Games" section!

3) Within the new "Games" section, the most active forums will be "top level" boards, with any less active forums within the "Other Games" subfolder. Which games are where will change over time as certain forums become more or less active.

4) All of the old, redundant forums are still around! They are just closed and locked now.

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