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Forum alerts??

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Forum alerts??

Not sure what forum to post this in, so I will put it here:

When people reply to my threads on these forums, I do not seem to be getting any email alerts that there are new replies to read, nor can I find a place in my GtG profile to turn on email notifications for replies on the forum.

How do I get the forum to alert me to new replies?


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That has never been a feature of these forums, you just have to camp out on the thread repeatedly pressing F5... as any individual as sane as Nigel Lowsley would do!

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Aw rats. Well if I miss someone's reply, hopefully they will know it's the forum and not me being rude...

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I generally use the "topics with new and updated posts" page as my main page for this very reason.

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Arcanist Lupus

and I share an idea

for that's my main page (as well)


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