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Forced Deployment + End of Days

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Forced Deployment + End of Days

A question was asked in this thread about the interaction between Forced Deployment and End of Days.

When Forced Deployment is destroyed, it immediately puts all of the minions in play, but they are then in turn destroyed by the (still ongoing) End of Days effect.

This is because of two universal principles of the game:
"Simultaneous" actions do not actually occur simultaneously, but rather occur in the order of the players' choosing; thus, the players choose the order in which cards are destroyed by End of Days.
"Triggered effects" from cards (e.g. "when this card is destroyed", "whenever this card takes damage", etc) are processed immediately upon the fulfillment of the trigger condition.
Consequently, when End of Days is destroyed, it immediately begins destroying all cards in play in the order of the players' choosing.  This effect continues until there are no more cards in play.  When Forced Deployment is destroyed, all of the minions are immediately put into play.  As there are still cards in play after the destruction of Forced Deployment, the End of Days effect continues destroying cards until there are not.

Note that, with End of Days, it is in fact impossible for the players to choose a destruction order in which any minions are left in play by Forced Deployment.

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