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For the love of Puppies. . .

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For the love of Puppies. . .

This was inspired by This post.  


Paul Parson VIII was stunned.  This person in the monitor couldn’t be real.  It just couldn’t be. . .

Ten years had passed, times had changed.  The great turmoil had passed, no wierd energies or alien invasions threatening the world anymore.  He was thinking about stepping down for real, not just moving behind a desk most of the time, but really stepping down, spending more time with Pauline Jr. and little Tyler.  That little girl would be getting her powers soon, he shuddered, that damned video.

He looked at the pictures on his office walls, it really had been 10 years.  Pauline and her Liberty Force storming that giant citadel, and somehow surviving the impulsion bomb that destroyed the Baron and turned Lithuania into a crater, and now, out of nowhere. . .

He sensed the shards of his desk coming towards him and realized he had broken it.  He looked down at his fist, it was shaking with rage.  He picked up the phone to call Meredith, she would understand.  Baron Blade had killed his father, his Daughter had killed Baron Blade, now this one.  This one was his.

- - -

“Look at the idiots Muffie, scurrying about for daddy.  They aren’t smart like us are they precious, no they’re just bugs, and we are going to squash them, yes we are you pretty girl.”

The door hissed open, and in came a legionnaire with dinner for the girls.  “Set it in the corner, then you may go,” he said, hiding the menacing glee he felt.  He drank in the soldier’s terror at having to walk through the room, getting so close to his babies.

Muffie leapt from his arms and he smiled, the sound of the bowl hitting the floor, the screams and gnashing of teeth.  He snapped his fingers and muffie returned, she was such a clever girl, just like Goldie. . .

He let the rage burn, it had been ten years since Goldie was left behind, left to those monsters, murdered by so-called heroes and his idiot father with his Impulsion Bomb.  He spit at the thought, “My Father, I’ll show him, I’ll show Legacy and all her minions, I’ll show them all Muffie.”  “Yes, he hissed, letting the words drip from his mouth, “soon the whole world will tremble at the wrath of Emperor Fang!”