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For Profit Scenarios turning it around?

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For Profit Scenarios turning it around?

So I was rereading a number of the posts on the Broken City and For Profit sets that are upcoming. Reading the post that introduces Man-Grove and Renegade, to me it reads very much like the For Profit Scenarios will be the For Profit Team collectively vs Man-Grove or Renegade as the single stand alone character. I think that would be a cool twist for the villains to be the collective team vs a solo hero.

Maybe I'm off the wall, maybe I'm late to a ship thats sailed. But I think that could be a very cool twist.


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It's seems likely that will be the case for the scenarios.   Just makes me wonder moreso what extra powers those two will get since they'll be facing a villain team.   I imagine the teddybear for Mangrove will be a big factor for him

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I also think that it is going to be really cool.  I've been thinking of ways to do hero centered scenarios for other characters.  I'm sure going to come up with an Expat vs. The Citizens of the Sun scenario once the new stuff comes out.

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I also realized that we mave have a hint at For Profit in the Operative's deck.


Her poison blowdart shows her breaking into blade's compound and darting a battalion soldier.


Could have villain vs villain scenarios, where one side is creating something bad and the other is stealing it

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I also believe that in both For Profit and Battle for Broken City, we will see more scenarios that include even sided teams.