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Fixing scenarios.

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Fixing scenarios.

This is where I will be compiling fixes and balancing elements for the various scenarios in tactics.

Baron Blade:

These ones are really good, if you struggle with his scenarios, esp. scenario 1 as Baron, try checking out these strategy guides I made for them, they are not comprehensive, but they will put you on the right track.

Scenario 1 guide.

Scenario 2 guide.

Scenario 3 guide.

Scenario 2-3:  We house rule that if Bunker would be pushed and cannot be pushed, he takes damage equal to the push instead.  We use this anytime, but find this scenario really needs it.  (We also use this rule for Omnitron)

Citizen Dawn:

Her first 2 scenarios have serious flaws, but fortunately they are fixable, and fixed they are a lot of fun.

Scenario 1:  set the number of shard captures needed for victory to the number of hero characters.  With official rules it is almost impossible for citizens to win with 2 heroes, and too easy with 4 heroes, with this fix it is much more balanced.

Scenario 2:  This one changes more.  Only use 5 shards, and put 1 in the pile for the team that won scenario 1.  All shards start the game being carried by a citizen.  Next get rid of the time limit, the victory condition is capturing 3 shards for either team.

This one ends up really well, with the bonus for winning scenario 1 being pretty big.  You can also leave out the victory reward and have all 5 shards carried by citizens.

Post any thoughts or questions below.  I will post on the other scenarios as I get time.

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Thanks again for this. :)