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First game with my daughter

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First game with my daughter

My daughter, Cheekers, and I just finished our first game of Fate of the Elder Gods this evening.It came down to the wire.

She picked Cthulhu and I randomly dealt myself Hastur. I was up for most of the game due to very lucky rolls (5/6 and 3/5) on the Other Worlds that I was contantly feeding through the Gathering. She was going very heavy on readying spells, which was preventing me from managing to ready much of anything.

So, there I was with a 'An Ancient Stirring' in my hand from the start of the game that would win me the game, but unable to cast because I never arranged the spell cards correctly. However, I had a cultist on Other Worlds and an artifact that let me flip the die face to the opposite side by sacrificing a cultist. Meanwhile, Cheekers was on the summoning track at seven but had some unfortunate luck with the acursed investigators and had nine out of ten Elder Signs. She was also cursed because on the previous round her marker met up with the Elder Signs. Which curse you ask? The one that triggers when you remove an Elder SIgn, cancels that removal, and adds one more Elder Sign. Basically, I couldn't lose.

On her turn Cheekers tells me she's casting a spell.

It's 'An Ancient Stirring'. She goes up one one her summon track and then sacrifices a cultist to go up one more to nine and win the game. ...With the card I've been trying to play the whole game. I'm so proud.


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The student has become the master. :D Good game log!