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Finder of Paths Unseen growth question

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Finder of Paths Unseen growth question

The first spot on the top presence track gives +1 range on everything. If I place that presence with my middle growth option, does that mean I can now play that particular presence at +1 range?


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Based off Wildfire's mechanics where the Fire you uncover immediately counts for Damage, I'd say so.

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TLDR: No you can't .


Wildfire's rule is a trigger that happens after the presence is placed, so the fire is already uncovered when it triggers.  The range boost is uncovered in the process of placing the presence, so it can't retroactively modify the manner in which it was placed.  That would be like allowing Call of the Dahan Ways to target any land with an explorer regardless of whether there's a Dahan already there, because it would create a Dahan, thus allowing it to target the land.