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Expanded Forum Discourse Rules

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Expanded Forum Discourse Rules

There has been an uptick in negative interactions on the forum in recent weeks. To that end, we have drafted an expanded set of Forum Discourse Rules, intended to help promote the type of forum environment we would prefer to see. These rules have been posted in the Rules board, but are reproduced below for your convenience.

If anyone has any questions about these rules, please feel free to send me a PM!


We at Greater Than Games want this forum to be a safer space for our fans than the vicious wasteland that makes up much of the internet. We desire a forum community that is welcoming, engaging, and supportive. In order to achieve this goal, we believe it is critical that our forum be a place in which members of marginalized groups do not have to face standard mainstream stereotypes and oppression.

To this end, the following forum rules are in effect:

1) Do not post pejoratives about other people.

2) Do not post things that are ableist, agist, cissexist, classist, genderist, heterosexist, intersexist, racist, sexist, sizist, transphobic, whorephobic, or espouse any other "ism" or "phobia" that may perpetuate marginalization and oppression.

3) Do not post things that are likely to start fights about politics, religion, etc.

4) If in doubt about whether or not a post will violate 1 - 3, don't post it.

5) Do not assume that someone is saying something out of malice when ignorance will do as an explanation. Do not assume that someone is saying something out of ignorance when poor communication will do as an explanation.

6) We, Greater Than Games and our designated representatives, are the only and final arbiters of these rules.

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