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Equality For The Tokens!

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Equality For The Tokens!

The Branch & Claw Major Power Card Pent-Up Calamity lists all four types of tokens that were released when it was, but, understandably, not Badlands (because they were released later as part of Jagged Earth). Said Power Card appears to be the only Game component that references all the tokens*, so why should Badlands be excluded? I petition/request/suggest/beg that this should be dealt with. If reprinting the Card is not something that will happen, could we at least get an official ruling amending Badlands to that list. I suppose there could be some thematic reason why Badlands are excluded, but I cannot think of any.

*If there are any others I am missing, I would appreciate someone pointing them out and for them to receive the same treatment.

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It's not thematic, but it's probably because at the time of printing, Badlands tokens just weren't a thing.

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Feel free to house rule it, but with caveats: That would be the only way to ever remove Badlands, and related to that, it interacts unfortunately with Vengeance's ability to treat Blight as Badlands. (So I would house rule that as well!)

Jagged Earth has at least one power that lists all the tokens through that expansion.