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Election Day

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Election Day

*scene opens on a sidewalk with some college aged students milling about and talking, suddenly a man in a skin tight white suit lands next to them*

Legacy>  "Hello there fellow citizens."

Tommy>  "Oh wow, it's Legacy!"

Legacy>  "That's right friends, and today I need your help."

Jenny>  "No way Legacy, how could you need our help?"

Legacy>  "Well Jenny, I need every American 18yrs old and up to help me keep America strong and free."

Lisa>  "But what can we do?"

Legacy>  "You can exercise one of the most important rights Americans have, you can vote."

Tommy>  "But Legacy, this isn't a presidential election year, there's no one important to vote for."

Lisa>  "Yeah, its not like any of them make a diffeerence in my life."

Legacy>  "I know it might seem like that Lisa, but an informed electorate is one of the most important resources a democracy can have."

Jenny>  "What?"

*Screen Widens to show a handsome and well-built man in a military uniform*

Lt. Vance>  "What My friend here was trying to tell you is that participating in free elections are the most important way to keep this country strong and free."

Wraith> *suddenly appears* "That's right, we need our elected officials to help keep super criminals off the street, and to fight corruption that Villains can exploit."

Tommy> *moves over toward Wraith slyly* "Hey babe, you already got my vote."

Legacy>  "We need City councils to keep our neighborhoods orderly, we need Sheriffs and Judges to make sure the law is upheld and corruption kept at bay, we need Mayors and Governors to keep our cities and states running smoothly and fairly."

Lt. Vance>  "But most of all we need you, to take the time and make good decisions for each vote you cast, in every election."

Jenny>  "So you're saying it is up to us to make sure good people are in charge, so our country can be strong."

Wraith> *visibly annoyed at Tommy's attention* "That's right, we need those Judges, Attorneys and Mayors to help us stop each and every villain that threatens your city or our nation."

Lisa>  "I'm gonna go read up on candidates right now, thanks Legacy!"

Tommy> *leans in to Wraith* "So babe, your voting station or mine."

Lt. Vance>  "Voting privacy and secrecy is a serious matter Tommy, no one is allowed to go into your voting booth except you."

Tommy>  "Oh man, this voting thing is a drag."

*A man with a fake beard and big white lab coat jumps out*

"Baron Blade">  "That's right Tommy, don't listen to these do-gooders, every vote you don't cast is a vote for me!  MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

Jenny>  "Oh No, Baron Blade!"

*The "Baron" lunges toward Jenny, but is grabbed by Lt. Vance*

Lt. Vance>  "Don't let Evil get your vote!"

*Vance turns Blade around and Wraith kicks him, knocking him back towards Legacy*

Wraith>  "Stand up to villains and corruption!"

*Exaggerated Haymaker by Legacy and a follow up of Baron Blade flying through the air and landing in the harbor*

Legacy>  "Cast your vote for America Today!"

*Cheesy pose of the three heroes and the young adults*

Paid for by Vote Freedom, a Freedom Four initiative.



Had an idea for this while I was voting today, gotta figure Legacy would do public service announcements.  Enjoy.

Edited for spelling and a couple mistakes.

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That is awesome.

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Agreed. Awesome.

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This was hilarious! I can't decide if it's better if this is the 'real' Freedom Five cutting an advertisement, or just officially-sanctioned actors doing a piece with their likenesses. I mean, they are government-sponsored heroes (until Oblivaeon I guess?) so it could go either way?