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Dreams and Reflections

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Dreams and Reflections

An Ambuscade drabble




He was a star, was the star, in the prime of life and shooting the greatest film of his career. He was the hero, all enemies fell before his flashing weapons. He was amazing, was adored.

Someone yelled "Cut!" and he flinched.

A makeup girl looked at him oddly.

"Your face..."

He snatched her mirror, saw the wound on his cheek. It spread, scarred, a mass of ugly flesh hiding his beauty. The mirror shattered, but people’s eyes were mirrors, he couldn't escape and everyone could see his ugliness and he wanted to vanish-

He woke, tears in his eyes.




(Just something to keep me going while I'm working on a Darkwatch story. It's fun to cause make Ambuscade suffer! :P)