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Donner's Tactics Strategy Guides #6: Bunker

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Donner's Tactics Strategy Guides #6: Bunker

I missed Sunday!  But I'll make up for it with two today!  First off, the Indestructible Bunker!


                Bunker is a combination tank and DPS power-house, with some minor support capabilities.

Builds:  DPS

                Best Power Cards:  Auxilliary Power Supply, Turret Mode, Omni-Cannon

                Worst Power Card:  Artillery Mode


                Strengths:  Able to hit almost any target, regardless of the situation.  Can build up defense tokens for his allies.  Can attack up to 5 times in one turn, in the right circumstances.

                Weaknesses:  Slow movement.  Can’t dodge in turret mode.  Has few options for dealing with targets outside of line of sight.

                Works well against:  Most anyone

                Weak against:  Proletariat, Wraith, Baron Blade


                Bunker has a high defense and very good attacks.  He is one of the strongest heroes in the game.  If he has clear line of sight to a target, he can usually drop at least 3 attacks on them.  He can hit at long range, or in cover.  But combine the two, and he becomes very weak.  He is at his strongest when he can stay in one place and hit everyone.


                When dealing with an attacker in melee range, if you have 4 attack + 1 tokens, go into turret mode.  You can drop Flack Cannon, Snapshot Micromissiles, Grenade Launcher, Omni-Cannon, and External Combustion on them all in one turn.  That's 5 attacks!  I call it the Legacy melter.

                When Bunker stands back up from being incapacitated, if there are any enemies in range and not in cover, turret mode may be your best starting power.  It’ll give you at least 3 attacks against the target.  Take down Bunker at your own risk.

                If you want to use the Omni-Cannon, keep Auxilliary Power Supply up and use Expert Tactician every round.  Don’t use any Attack + 1 tokens.  This will get an Aimed Omni-Cannon charged by Bunker’s second turn.

                Bunker has the longest range in the game when he combines Artillery Mode and Snapshot Micromissiles.  They grant him a total reach of +7, which is one more than the Wraith can get.

                When attacking a target within radius 4 or 5 of Bunker, your best standard attack is Grenade Launcher.  Snapshot Micromissiles has too many miss dice.  Flak Cannon auto-misses on 6, which is painful.  Grenade Launcher ignores line of sight, and, being a vertex attack, ignores elevation.  That means any non-auto-misses are going to have to be defended against.  Add Auxilliary Power Supply to aim that Grenade Launcher every turn.  Save the Attack + 1's for Omni-Cannon, unless you're going against Baron Blade.

                If your opponents are using a lot of powers that give your teammates negative Defense tokens, consider using Expert Tactician as often as possible.  Also helpful if you're teaming up with Tachyon and Baron Blade to re-focus your Area attacks (External Combustion and Grenade Launcher), as they want all the Defense + 1 tokens they can handle.

                If you team up with Legacy and Legacy goes before Bunker, you can fire off a first turn Aimed Omni-Cannon.  Legacy needs Inspiring Presense, Galvanize, and line of sight to Bunker.  Bunker needs Auxilliary Power Supply and either Turret Mode or Omni-Cannon.

                Countering Tips:

                When Bunker is in Turret Mode, he can’t dodge.  Use Aimed attacks on him to take him out quickly.  Likewise, when he isn’t in turret mode, he only has 2 actions.  It is unlikely he’ll use one for dodge.

                If you see Bunker building up Attack + 1 tokens, considering using powers on him that add Attack – 1 tokens to counter his Omni-Cannon charge-up.

                If you have to get in range of Bunker, make sure to stick to cover or out of line of sight.  The only power he has that hits in cover is Grenade Launcher.

                The best defense against Turret Mode is to be at range 6 from Bunker, and in cover.  This prevents all of his attacks from being able to hit you.  Remember, Grenade Launcher is Origin 4, meaning it can really only hit up to 5 hexes from Bunker!

                If Bunker isn't using Expert Tactician, characters that can give out Defense - 1 tokens can help reduce his defense dice to a more manageable number.

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